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  4. What are you listening to now?

  5. Just a hai!

    Hi you guys! Glad to see lots of oldies around. How have yall been? Admins might want to revive the post i had with Thread of Threads (thread containing countless links). I can update links once we have content
  6. Are you alive o_o

  7. Earlier
  8. What are you listening to now?

  9. What are you listening to now?

  10. What are you listening to now?

  11. Mysteriously Unused Forum Section?

  12. What are you listening to now?

  13. Hows life goin

  14. Hows life goin

  15. Hows life goin

    Working......... Working............
  16. Hows life goin

    Wrong forum Umbra pal x)
  17. Hows life goin

    Hi all , how have yall doin lately
  18. What are you listening to now?

    Maaan..I still don't want to believe it .. like honestly that was the first band i've consciously listened to cause I was truly enjoying the music and that hit like a thunder out of nowhere.Rest in Peace Chester!
  19. What are you listening to now?

    RIP Chester Bennington
  20. What are you listening to now?

  21. What are you listening to now?

    This is my recent song I've made, hope you enjoy it !
  22. Hey - got bored/nostalgic at lunch and decided to check out the WoC site again, saw that you were also on here relatively recently, figured there might be a chance you'll actually read this. Been a long time; how's things?

  23. End of an Era

    TLDR: WocServer didn't give BFX anything. WocServer originally offered BFX to run the WoW-related stuff, but he declined. What was offered included everything WoW related: databases, website, whatever; WocServer had no further use of these assets. In the closing days of the Zul'aman server, BFX felt bad and changed his mind. He rallied the community and any staff members of the existing Zul'aman server. in post-mortem, he stated he intended on running everything as it had already been run. When he rallied said people, though, he did not include the decision-makers of WocServer in said decision making process; we were not consulted at all. This is/was perceived as a slap in the face. Given his level of trust, BFX was capable of using - the now stolen fork of - WocServer's Zul'aman code because it was on his development machine at the time he made those decisions. To make development easier I, at some point, included a snapshot of Zul'aman's world database in our source code, so that's where he got that from. At the end of the day, whatever he and his project is running is not condoned or supported by WocServer; at one time it would have been; but that's not how it panned out. The way it did happen, though, is the shuttering of offers, support, and affiliation from WocServer. I've let this go under the radar for a month to allow those players wanting to move to do so unhindered; I will not deny them their game. However, this is where the advertisements including that particular project stop. With our move to become more acceptable, we cannot have the advertisements on our network anyway. With that, I'm closing this topic as even this post is outside of the "goodbye topic" this was meant to be. - Terra
  24. End of an Era

    Didn't played Woc 4 years this year Stefan-Cyndinan played 2 months on my account,you gett a life you still play on ... Zul'Aman.Woc was interested only 2008-2010.You are kid who can't live without Woc server that's why you play now on ....
  25. End of an Era

    Get a life kids
  26. End of an Era

    Ye fresh start is best for you you was alredy banned on all accounts for wpe is good for you from fresh start i have it 6 characters with eds shirt and all arty on them why to bother now to play again from begening, why players to donate again on this copy of WOC Server. If BFX want all players to come he must use old Database.I will ask again Satan and Tera does BFX don't want it old Database or you don't want it to give Database to him ???
  27. End of an Era

    First learn if you learned something in school where is my country > MACEDONIA
  28. End of an Era

    Cbf explaining how shits goin on to a retarded iranian.
  29. End of an Era

    Best wpers on woc who was banned many times for wpe now became good player on ...,you don't know to play wow without wpe go there ... need players like you.Played on woc from 2008 did i use hacks or did i was banned for anything in those 9 years?I'm not like you who know to play wow only with hacks.
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