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  2. If I had found it I would've posted a push quoting where I mentioned him. You know I would But I might have deleted it because I necroed some topics after this topic came out in ways of reminiscing. And then deleted because nobody replied to them ;( I quoted a post of him and then said |Lol, MisterH, I forgot about him. | Latest mentions of mine : Zebrakiller and Raa. B4 Any1 Says I didn't give a shoutout to them w/o proof as well Just kidding... We're as long as you are here Tear, we remember ! ! !
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  4. Whatever it was, it wasn't in the search results. http://i.imgur.com/gp1YLEQ.png
  5. Last week
  6. I finally found out how to reply after a week or two (by using the button which is now on the top of the page.. I thought my user was bugged. Cool. You're late Tear.. I mentioned him in one of my necroed topics.
  7. Hop on time to time would be great.
  8. Wow... Checked it out a bit last night, almost a decade later I cannot believe a lot of my work is still on there, I can't even imagine where it would be if I had updated it with some of my newer systems like automated pvp/stair phased events or something as simple as my improved GM addon/logging system where you don't have to take someones word or screenshots for item replacement... Now I kind of feel like I let everyone down... Even the simple things would have improved QOL quite a bit
  9. Good to hear. Other private servers simply close down everything. Yo. edit: shoutout to MisterH, a person nobody else seems to remember
  10. Earlier
  11. Meh gearing and playing all over aint that bad I dont see why people get all gloomy on starting over since everyone has too plus chris will fix script on instances plus there is a shit ton of New content coming up everyone is preparing for it atm so its alot off fun. Kele is playing on za atm so I don't see why he cries about db
  12. Start my journey in WOCserver in November 2008, I have spent whole days and nights playing on this server, which despite server errors and malicious players had fun playing and spending time with a lot of passion and delivery to get equipped and at least get To be a good player ... grateful to Satan, Volanz, Weezus and the other Gms. To keep the active server to the last instance ... waiting in the future for some prosperous revival or some better news, a big greeting to you and to all the players who were friends and enemies at the same time;) Warrshadow , Brighthunter
  13. Agree i think they give database to BFX that's why we gett answer from Tera> (The question is out of my jurisdiction and, even if it weren't, the answer is very complicated) but BFX don't want it old database, but without old database now on his server will play just 15-20 players, the same was with Last Wow.They closed Last Wow and one GM there open again Last Wow without old database,now there play just 20 players.If BFX want more players better to start with old database he will gett again donations,on Woc they can't donate 2 years but now on his Tirisgarde Zul'Aman they will donate again.Like _KELE_ say no database=no party anyway i delete my priest last week don't want to play again from begening
  14. A fresh start is better then nothing tbh.


    ZA is alive and kicking and the chance of the DB coming is slim to non + new content if you really like ZA you'd come.

  15. IK the feels are real The good part is http://www.tirisgarde.org/forums/ is a ZA restart hosted by Chris(bfx) you should check it out if you are bored alot of oldies still play there including me i can help gear you up( or donate) there is little to no world pvp tho sometimes a WSG which are actually fun most off the guys are UG and try to gear them selfs up for higher content. I would love to play with you again tbh the only reason i stick to ZA in general is it's easy to let go you can log in you can log off when ever you want no strings attached or raid scheduals thats why ZA works for me it's causal af. So if you want to have some casual fun pop in your head from time to time and visit our forums http://www.tirisgarde.org/forums/
  16. Some days there was like 40+ people just hanging out and ganking at Guru, that was epic, when I went to retail it was such a let down that WPvP was dead These days there's pretty much absolutely none at all, and when you do WPvP the snowflakes cry... Why the hell roll a PvP server if you don't want to PvP...
  17. no database = no party, soz
  18. I think it´s quite simple chris don't actually want it since if the old database gets restored he does not get any donations anymore to kick start his own project thats the jist off it. + a fresh start in general is way more fun.
  19. Said he lost many years in WOC but he is still playing. Is a donor. The saddest thing is that he is still a child who just wastes his time. When the WOC dies again. Say the same
  20. well this is strange why do u want to keep account db , not like it has any use with server being offline or there is any value in it
  21. hey i dont know how to register 

  22. Moira Spell haste stacked dudu. I miss the old guru pvp days was alot of fun with stephanie (shadowkitten). Kind greetings from the dutch mage !
  23. Yes but this is from 2010. Idk when that came to existence and that forum section was visible to the public. This wasn't..
  24. Isn't that what https://forums.wocserver.org/index.php?/forum/88-legendary-threads-forum/ is for? - T
  25. It's time this topic came public. See what I was talking about in 2010. We could've stored old topics in there for when times like this came and they'd be interesting. Just like having lots of free AOL disks, you can find any and put them to use.. (crystals for tables..or other interesting ideas!) Ok I'm actually making that owl
  26. < 3 It's a pleasure to ban Cuccy lol.
  27. its pleasure to see elphni sad
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