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    For the last 11 years, WoC has been the longest running private WoW server to date (possibly ever at the rate they've fallen). At times we've literally held this place together by pure force of will. We've weathered untrustworthy staff and people doing immense damage from the inside. We've survived the loss of hardware and data and the loss of revenue streams. The number of times we've had to move server location and hosts, at ridiculous times in the morning and night.. We've been through literally a dozen. Unfortunately, we've come to a point. We've struggled to secure a location to provide a payment gateway for our service for the last year. We have gone through multiple vendors and run into the same problem each time. We've done what we can to try and hold this place together, but we've finally hit our limit. As of the 1st of June, we'll be terminating all of WoC Servers World of Warcraft related projects and shuttering Zul'Aman for good. We'll be storing everything for the future, because you never know, but we'll have to take it offline. I want to thank every member of the community (even the Bosnians). I want to thank all of the amazing staff we've had. I also want to thank (in no particular order) the following people: Chris (God) - Literally started it all. Guy had his moments, but for better or for worse, he's the father of WoC. Weezuz - If Chris is the father of WoC, Weezuz is very much the mother. She was a GM here when I started, and as many of you know, I've been here nearly as long as the server. Dan (Infierno) - Helped Chris at various points, and was an owner who helped keep WoC running until some sloppy coding nearly sank the server. He's the reason I took over the server, and he is owed some thanks for his work on WoC. Terra - The current part owner and caretaker of WoC Server currently. The man has done phenomenal work throughout the last 5 years keeping us all here and the lights turned on. We cannot thank him enough. Chris Mk2 (Bloodfangx) - Chris has been a long time contributor and player who has spent a ton of time creating and playing the content on WoC Server. His contributions have been immeasurable in keeping WoC running for the last 5 years. Matt (Munito) - Matt helped to shape and create enumerable items, ideas and policies on the server. He had a huge contribution to make and he made it. Tim (Volanz) - Tim has been a long time supporter and staff member on this server. His loyalty and dedication has been absolute, and he's been a stalwart of the staff for a long time. Daskin - Daskin contributed a great amount of code to the project, and whilst his work was occasionally rage inducing to me as server operator, he also helped shape WoC into what it became. Moira - Moira was a right royal pain at times, but she helped to create a great number of items and areas in the game and contributed to making WoC what it became. Snoozebutton - An ideas man, Snooze created a lot of ideas that eventually turned into reality. He also has left his mark on this server. Graveyard + GMSushi - For all the support. I'm sure I've forgotten people in this list, and for that I truly apologise. Both Terra and I feel we've let you down, but in the same breath, we've taken on considerable debt keeping this place running. It's been a long and mainly thankless path, but we would both do it again. That said, the journey isn't totally over. In the week or so preceding us shutting down the server, we'll be unlocking some things to allow players to have some fun. The following will be available: All items in the Donation Store will be free - get yourself an ED shirt, visit ED; Bans will be removed from all accounts, characters, and IP addresses. Fly/speed hacking, duping, stacking, etc will not be banned for. Note: Spamming, racism, etc will still be banned; use common sense. Beyond the above, if you have any questions of either Terra or I, please do ask them here. I'll reply in time, but please be patient. If you have any friends who used to play, invite them back for one last hoorah. Satan EDIT: If anyone still knows "Shadowkitten", tell her to drop me a line. Just keen to catch up.
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    Clearing some things up, I've requested for the database data for Zul'aman. I am currently waiting for an answer, I'm not certain of the outcome but hoping for a good one. I hope to receive news before the game server goes offline since the majority of the player-base don't use the forum.
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    This was inevitable.. I'm just sorry that I'm not able to log just for one last time.. :< Sorry to see this happen, but yeah, life goes on; the feeling is weird, knowing that when I get home in a month I won't be able to log onto WoC.even for a couple of minutes.. Shotout to all Staff members, current and the previous ones, thanks for your time, patience and will to keep things running - you guys are also the reason WoC was as special as it was and you guys always tried your best to give a fair judgment and didn't make exceptions for those who abused the rules (best example is the wide server WPE ban when core players got banned). I had a really fun and an amazing time here at WoC. Met a XY number of people, few of them even in person.. Even though I stopped playing, I never stopped lurking the forums, checking what's going on and trying to contribute if I could. For the end, I got a proposition - if anyone has any memorable material it would be nice to send it to someone who has time and knowledge to make a short WoC aftermovie, I reckon that would be a nice way to say one last goodbye to the server. It's just a proposition so if anyone is interested, good luck! Cheers and I hope to see WoC, someday, back online again!
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    I want to say thanks to these peoples Volanz - one of the best gms which understand peoples and giving them second chance to play all best in your life pal Bfx - Chris u are one of the best peoples which i saw in this server u always was good with everyone all best man . Unfi - Serbian bro ty for ashwing times with you 15 man all best Friends:Timoty,mahsun,fely.laci,umbra,kele,todeski,alpay,kadir,one of the best jaja friends Nawaff,kiimy,Sady,Ajvan.club,moji, im sure i forgot alot of peoples which i was playing with them i wish you guys Everything good in your life and keep more time for ur families all best !
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    Well, it was a fun 10 years. Going back to Chris' basement hosting with the Gurubashi camping through to all of the custom content we've had. So many people came and went. Hundreds of hours of fun raiding and pvp'n. Won't forget it.
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    Woc greediness never ends
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    Oh well.. atleast I gave it a shot. Even though I simply can't accept the fact that woc won't be there anymore to come back and play with all the characters built and friendships made over the years I'd still like to thank you shitcunts for everything. (Yes including everyone) Those people in my tight circle will always be there and I'll keep in touch. You know who you are, you will be played with (no dirtyness intended lmao). cuccy you are an absolute shitbag who has had severe brain damage over the fact you got anal'd by your dad for a pack or biscuits in your basement pls take this as personal as you can RIP our rag off-hands Mahsun -Alpay
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    OP / Meurtre / Muertre / Meteor / Mute, here. Threw together an album, cheers for the good times and all the effort put into keeping the realms afloat.
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    What am i gonna do with all my vote points now?
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    I know i haven't been as active on WOC over the past few years but i still loved this server and the community on it going to be a real shame to see it go and i regret not putting more time in.. Satan and all the staff thank you so much for keeping this going as long as you have this was one of my favorites and always will be
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    I remember Moira + Not to be forgotten this server was originally funded for a whole year by the Danish Gaming Community.
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    So is time to say goodbye.. i had fun with everyone here.. i met so many people here, is really sad guys..... Kele - really cool guy no doubt BFX - awesome person, always trying to help, enjoyed talking to him Mahsun - one of my best pals here, keep working out m8 Alpay - dps boss, i'll always remember how we met each other was really fun Rob - cool person to talk with, keep lifting bra PFJ - one of the best players here, amazing personality i learned a lot from him about WoW and other stuff (im still confused why this guy wasnt GM for the last 6 years) Keivan - the pr0gr4m3r ... really fun person .. sometimes retarded but still Kadir (PRJ) - good raid leader, most of times really positive, enjoyed raiding with him Vlado (Nightfiend) - one of the best bg pals out there Gakhren - well just Gakhren things, u will always have fun with him in any game Volans - well this guy always tryed to help to everyone, cool but really strange guy... dont drink that much m8 Weezuz - Big Boobie Bae Unfi - 2012. sorry if i missed someone, all the best guys! -Addicated
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    To be honest, Cuccy, it's not the server's, nor the players fault it took you 5 years to figure out that you don't like the game you're playing (or you played). You should be mad at yourself, because YOU wasted your time, but considering you're still a kid, it's not that uncommon seeing you flame here and trash talking.
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    Damn, the feels are too strong ... I could have gone on my old chars for the very last time but time is almost up -.- I'd like to thank everyone involved in this project for making it what it is and what it used to be. Will not even try to point anyone out because the amount of people I'd forget would be huge. Anyways, sorry for being the person I used to be, I was somewhat cocky back then and not mature enough ... if I ever forgot to apologize to a person, I'm sorry. Hope we'll see each other again (even though it's pretty unlikely I suppose). Was a fun time here and helped me increase my level of English quite a lot (it even got me to the point where I am today, so thanks for that) Have a good one, thanks for the memories and once again, sorry for the fuck-ups
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    This is not the end.
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    Whelp, all things come to an end. It's funny to think how many things WoC led into for me, even today.
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    Forgive me for the necro. Ivan, I would like to pay you my respects, no matter how late. Rest In Peace.
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    Daaamn,that came out of nowhere.Even tho I didn't really have time to log for the past year(and a half maybe?)I was checking the forums to see who's still around and stuff.I know that I'm repeating the replies above,but I really had a great time playing here with all the amazing staff members and people I met ingame.A friend was telling me about that game called WoW so I decided to check it out and that was the first server ever that I logged in and started learning about the game..fun times,that's why I probably got attached to it so much.No matter how many times I stopped playing I always ended up coming back after a short break.So I want to thank the whole community and all of the good people I used to raid with.I hope that we will be gathering from time to time for quick talks,updates etc. Cheers and good luck!
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    Oh wow, smeg, snooze still around. Greetings from Japan lol I mis Mextli too, and Fabio "Mindbreaker" Santos, who wanted to be the Owwie。 It's been a long while since I've been here, but this literally WAS my adolescence, and I will be sad to see it go.
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    nice post... chris also will send food to your home
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    He guys, Well i feared this moment would come sooner or later i understand the choice i hope you guys find something else to be passionat about. It has been 10 years of my live if been here every year atleast for a few months with a few months breaks in between but still every year for the past 10 years i came here. The reason i kept intrest in this server where you guys the staff and the people around it( even the bosnians). I am going to miss this place alot i mean it was not perfect far from it but i had shit tons off fun ( also drained alot off mula into this) I am not going to calculate how much money i pumped into this it will only make me cry more lol. -Hail satan you gave me a ton off laughs over the past 10 years your clint eastwood attitude ( do you feel lucky punk) *BANHAMMER* bang bang banning entire countries if seen it all. -BFX dude we will keep in touch over skype and i will follow you to other projects you will do becaus you are awsome at what you do. -Weez my big boobie bae i will miss you the last talk we had over LFG with satan about trump and crazy butt seks will be forever carved into my brain. -Terra you supported the thing i loved for 10 years thanks bro. -Tim you are jaded as fuck but still i think you are a cool person i hope you will make a shit ton off money with your job in the future. -Sian man man i don't know where to start we had that crazy hate love relation i am going to miss our duels tho. -Sady we live 10 minutes apart from each other and i never met you we should change that a drink a beer on the last 10 years woc gave us. -Rob go outside more get a gf you will not be able to farm arti's anymore (24/7). -Vanilla man i am sorry i ninjad those felm legs does not matter anymore anyway :(. -Cuccy i fucking hate your guts you filthy turnip cunt. -Adi you are a hacker and you know it you slimeball. -THEONLYSADPAPA you sir are by far the most retarded person this server probly ever had even more so then sir cuckhold but the last months you atleast gave me fun with those abuser jaja duels you liked so much. -Alpay man i hate too see this server die we atleast tried with that topic i am going to miss playing with you dude. -Sam my man you brit cunt i loved you we had that strange hate love relation i had with sian aswell. -Jack i am sorry i fucked up last pvp event was a bad call from my end we keep in touch over skype i'd even play some smite with you sometime. -Fely i am going to miss ya german cunt -Mahsun ha ha rip baby i will miss dueling you! I know there are many more people who i'd like to thank but i know they are not active anymore ingame or atleast on the forums. I love you guys and i will miss you! Peace!
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    Stop being creepy for Gods sake
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    I hope they will give you the database so you can make woc great again,best of luck dude.
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    For a proper farewell i launched myself through LoL Cannon one last time and hit Alt F4. Possibly, someday, this place might light up again, so my toon can properly land to ground in peace ^
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    Well, honestly I've thought u guys gonna shut it down like years ago. Props for the effort and everything, this server was fun playin in my teenage days. Sorry for the shit we caused but admit it, whats more fun, hacking or playing same content over and over legitly. Sorry for the paypal issues, sorry for ddosing you, sorry to Tim for stealing his GM account, even tho it was fun, my apologies are sincere. I wish all of you very best in your future with what ever you do. I havent loged WoC for ages, I quitted WoW 2 years ago, Tim copied this thread to me on skype so I thought I'd drop by with sincere apologies and best wishes. Bosnian out
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    god damn so many names I cant remember. But starting to come back to me. Find me Zoss, Shadz, Tearshed, Zyther, Bodnar and the guy who made my original website whose name I cannot remember I remember Shadowkitten, Snooze. If I cant remember you remind me of something we did together.
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    Wow this makes me sad, just want to say sorry Satan for any bad blood, I miss the old days terribly, WOC was the server that got me kickstarted into coding, after woc I moved on to coding for aspiredev/trinitycore/mangos, I ended up on another server but left there years ago for retail (which I've also quit).. Unfortunately my HDD with all my WOC stuff on it died a couple years back so I've lost everything I had to do with it, up until then I still had a copy of the core and DB's, I even had the guncraft server, all of which I never abused. I had a lot of fun here too much to list, doing mass summons to gurubashi was by far my favorite thing to do! Bye everyone! Miss all of you and the old days!
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    This is the best topic in a while until certain r***** ruined it. Is why we have rules. And there will always be another/new ones ~ ~ I remember when I was making my own custom gifs. for this forum. Now everything is on the interwebs =(
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    Even though I was an immature child at the time and cringe everytime I read my forum posts from back then, I have to admit I had a great time playing on woc servers. Thank you staff for providing me with tons of fun over the years, and best of luck in the future!
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    Ehm Chris (bfx) did a fresh(meaning lvling a new char with no gear and gearing it ) ZA on his servers realmlist i am going to check that out . But for the rest i am just in the gym and working. How about you? ( come to chris his ZA server to check it out will be fun like the good old days).
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    First time someone says this and it's not for me
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    It was actually a pretty interesting read.
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    I started Woc when i was 11 and it was my first server,cuz i didnt have Wow installed in my pc and i was too noob to install it everyday i would go to the internet caffee and spent all my money there playing ,when they gave me money to eat in school id save them so i can go to the net cafe and play woc after a year or more i took my computer to the caffe and the guy installed the game for 2 euros only and i was spending like 2.5 euros everyday before that i was so young to get things back than.However after that i became Wow addicted,when i get at 7 am for school id vote on 5 accounts than go to school all time thinking about woc and farming sd,usually id get around 1 pm from school and than i would sit in front of the pc and play like a hmmm no word to describe i would play until 2/3 am every night and than go to bed,in the morning id look like a monster due to lack of sleep but i was retarded it was ok to me,a lot of times i stayed up alll night until 7 am than i go to sleep at age ~13.Cuz i was playing everyday like 15hours per day its obvious i got all the top end gear really quick but than i got banned for calling tode a faggot,i was kid back than i didnt respect rules nor i had some respect towards older people than me,i started again from 0 again made tons of accounts and characters played like a tard got banned again for arena farming,than i put a dot i said no more hacking im going to play like a fair player and started from 0 again farming all those shits i lost i had like 30 accounts each tons of characters but i was older than like 15/16 i started playing cool with a new identity known as "Naughtynurse" later made warr Naughtycow etc,i was cool guy than made tons of friends and people really liked me,so they helped me a lot gearing,after the summer had passed i decided to not lie anymore and say on LFG that im actually Cuccy,a big fucking drama started than,everybody who would "love" me on naughtynrs started hating and flaming me cuz im Cuccy, even tho they knew i wasnt a dick than i really showed respect and kindness they still did,i said fuck it this game is FULL of braindead morons, i made 2 friends and stick to them than ignored everybody else, we than found the spirit stacking shit and we would farm the missing onyxia artis in 2 days i had tc motc di every shit you know,than i got to the point that Woc i mean wow in general is stupid game you spend tons of time playing and when you get everything you dont have anything to do , you can only stick those items in your ass the game didnt have end and by than i was like 16, i realised that i WASTED TONS OF TIME , i was fucking no lifer kid and i still regret playing Woc , it was never good,full of retarded hats looking for attention,playing not for fun but for items ,their greedy asses would never get enough,When i started playing other tbc server where you actually had to level up even after "playing wow",you dont call woc wow do you? for so long i didnt know a fucking leveling zone i was total lost like i never played Wow than i realised that im even more stupid , playing woc thinking i know wow shit while in real wow i got total lost , i started hating that shit server even more , since than i quit playing the shit server called woc ,i would log to chat with friends and that was all , ye sometimes i raid because raiding is fun ,yes raiding not fucking 3 man farming artifacts for a dead server with 50 players online i raid for fun not for items,im glad this stupid kind shit of a server died , i tried to convince a lot of people that this game is only a waste of time and not worth playing,im glad it died,you might be sad because you wont be able to log and stare in your woc horny char to which u fap but trust me in 2 days you`ll find something better and ull say i was retard playing , theres tons of better stuff to do u`ll regret like i do not sure if you would read this much shit but w/e im not gonna type more just gonna say im glad this shit died r.i.p
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    Well , fisrt all im going to say good bay everybody here. Now im giving thanks terra, satan ,chris (first chris in woc) to make 9 years of mi life very happy with this awesome game. Also im giving thanks some friends ( teacher i meet ingame) like Volanz tim ( he was like my dad over here). Iduna (well iduna was my main teacher) rinasup whos give me chance and teach me all i need about raids , guild etc. Alex (mihai) good friend ingame , we had a good friendship . ismo , idk why i trust him to share my accs but he was a good boy with me, . zanga waa mu bitch lol v:. Who i missed sorry but tbh say goodbay is so sad. Hope you guya work again or maybe reopen or smth the server please everybody take care cya Renember it was just a game but was part of our life, hope cyou in the future Assasincross...
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    I wasn't thanked for contributing amazing gifs. I just logged in for the first in a few weeks. Um, I guess I met some pretty amazing people over here as well. The WoC Facebook page is still running. I hope that the people of WoC will still stay in touch through other channels (Discord..Steam etc..).Because well; the forums was and still is full of awesome. I guess I have mixed feelings on this topic if anyone wants to fill in something new fill in! I guess I was hiding my identity a lot of times in game. A lot of times I didn't want to be associated with my forums "personality". These are my characters : Boltie (my very first mage in the guild "A Clockwork Orange" the rivals of Moirainne's. Apomenaxx the druid, Tyranda the priest. (Alliance) Bisquit.(H) Priest. Apomenax (H) In Daddylolo's guild. I think I'm missing others, but regards to everyone I met, played, had fun, and pissed off in game.
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    Our good old Ivan also known as Herbye died tonight. His long time muscular dystrophy got the best of him at 21 years old. I thought some people here should know. His friends will miss him.
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    Would never think that I would shed a tear, for a WoW server I left around 7 years ago, when it gets closed one day... and here I am, writing this post to thank everyone who were involved in keeping this truly unique server up for so long. I joined WoC in the late of 2007, probably December (the first thing I remember was Snoozebuttom receiving his upgraded Frostmourne for being the best and fairiest raid leader) and then a few months later the forums. This place is where I grew up from a full retard to a... uhm... well still a retard but not as much retarded. The first time I got banned was by Satan when he banned some random fag I didn't know for some bullshit, because he wasn't in the mood and I replied, like a damn retard, ''you should ban yourself''. Boom banned. And then begged on the forum for unban and also made my brother beg with me . Thank you Satan for making me less of a retard and thinking of consequences before I say/write something. The funniest and most memorable moments that I will remember until my death started when I joined Fabio's barcode guild. The best raiding experience I had in TBC ever. Fights between Fabio and Ivan were priceless. Actually Ivan was pretty much in a fight with everyone those days if I remember correctly. I made so many good friends there like Ellah, Steven, Mahimani and more which names I don't remember anymore. A big thank you to this awesome man from Mexico or Brazil... Portuguese? Fabio ''Mindbreaker/Braincrusher'' Santos. I hope I remember his name correctly. Thank you to all the WoC staff members for keeping this server and forums maintained so we could enjoy this amazing experience we had while playing the best and #1 custom TBC server ever created! Best regards, Daniel ''Shutter'' Szotak, the best crocodile this server had , I guess...
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    Thanks @Satan & CO for your work, and for this beautiful environment you've created. Thanks to all you crazy furry bastards out there whom I've met on this server, from 2010 and counting... you've really made an inpact on me when I was younger. * muffles * Damn you tear, get back in. @Satan I still got you on Steam, if by any chance we share a common game (Dota2 or whatever), we should play from time to time Alright fellas, nice knowing you - my contact information is in my profile if you want to add me or anything, or don't, I don't care (* whispers * I do though). Greetings from @Sllick as well.
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    Geez, this is the first time in a while since I've re-visited the WoC forums and I was tempted to come back and play and see what was going on, but instead I see this news, such a shame. Easily the best server to play on and great staff.
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    Ohh man, I have not posted here for ages. Regretting it now. I loved this place, and even with it down im going to go right on loving it tbh. You guys have done a bloody amazing job keeping it going all this time, so huge credit to you for it.
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    if you want i can donate them for you
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    Ivan was a good friend. Kyle and I were on Skype playing League with him just a few days ago...I woke up to this news and couldn't believe it at all. Even if you have had your differences with Ivan nobody deserves to go at such a young age. My thoughts are with his Mother and Sister. Most of us were just stupid little kids when we started playing here almost 10 years ago. We may not be kids anymore but we're still stupid. I grew up with some members of this community and Ivan was one of the people I thought I'd stay in touch with for a very long time. This loss hits close to home. Can the admins hange the title to something like "Ivan 'Anee' Krush - 1994-2016. Rest in Peace". I think he would have laughed at that. Out of respect. I know some of the admins had their differences with Ivan but I was wondering if it was possible to give him his own special "You will be remembered" or "Rest in Peace" title on his forum account.
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    Good to hear. Other private servers simply close down everything. Yo. edit: shoutout to MisterH, a person nobody else seems to remember
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    I haven't banned anyone in a while. It could be your end. Don't push my limits.
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    Hey there, i decided to make some Woc videos and share them with you , i will post all kinds of videos PvP , PvE....and will be uploading them in here so you don't miss them , or just subscribe me on youtube will be appreciated, thanks
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    I will miss you alot my Hordes and my Alliances. I can only take a bitter drink. To pass this pain alliances https://postimg.org/image/3l0yt74sf/ hordas https://postimg.org/image/ddox0gi9p/