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    Maaan..I still don't want to believe it .. like honestly that was the first band i've consciously listened to cause I was truly enjoying the music and that hit like a thunder out of nowhere.Rest in Peace Chester!
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    Hi all , how have yall doin lately
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    This is my recent song I've made, hope you enjoy it !
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    So is time to say goodbye.. i had fun with everyone here.. i met so many people here, is really sad guys..... Kele - really cool guy no doubt BFX - awesome person, always trying to help, enjoyed talking to him Mahsun - one of my best pals here, keep working out m8 Alpay - dps boss, i'll always remember how we met each other was really fun Rob - cool person to talk with, keep lifting bra PFJ - one of the best players here, amazing personality i learned a lot from him about WoW and other stuff (im still confused why this guy wasnt GM for the last 6 years) Keivan - the pr0gr4m3r ... really fun person .. sometimes retarded but still Kadir (PRJ) - good raid leader, most of times really positive, enjoyed raiding with him Vlado (Nightfiend) - one of the best bg pals out there Gakhren - well just Gakhren things, u will always have fun with him in any game Volans - well this guy always tryed to help to everyone, cool but really strange guy... dont drink that much m8 Weezuz - Big Boobie Bae Unfi - 2012. sorry if i missed someone, all the best guys! -Addicated
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    This is all you need to know about second life