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    Stop bickering and read the fucking thread it's not that hard then you would understand where ZA is and what hath happened. Utter plebs.
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    Server is up,just fresh start.We are waiting you on Tirisgarde(That the new server name),guys.
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    I haven't banned anyone in a while. It could be your end. Don't push my limits.
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    Cuccy If you don't like facking Woc like you say, why you play again on this Bfx Zul'Aman server is again Woc right just fresh start?
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    Even though I was an immature child at the time and cringe everytime I read my forum posts from back then, I have to admit I had a great time playing on woc servers. Thank you staff for providing me with tons of fun over the years, and best of luck in the future!
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    http://www.tirisgarde.org/TempAccountCreation/accountCreate.php Gogogogogo Change realm and log.
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    Ehm Chris (bfx) did a fresh(meaning lvling a new char with no gear and gearing it ) ZA on his servers realmlist i am going to check that out . But for the rest i am just in the gym and working. How about you? ( come to chris his ZA server to check it out will be fun like the good old days).