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  1. Super Awesome Sexy Desktop Thread.

    Latest update on my hackintosh lappie.
  2. Anime Help!

    ....Serious anime? Golgo13. The main character almost have only one emotion through out the series. Even during sex. lul. or Ghost in the Shell. But i rather you do what tearshed suggest. Much more points can be gathered.
  3. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Official Musicl Video?

    Maybe CNN contacted the site? *snickers*
  4. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Official Musicl Video?

    It's a place for lolicons, racial haters, and.. apparently religion haters too. But on the other hand, boobies. Lots of them!
  5. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Official Musicl Video?

    I dare not click that link that would lead me to Sankaku Complex, Cadmas. >
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7aACDTi278 Mizuki Nana's singing was nice, but why on this kind of character. It does not compute! /otaku
  7. Your Torrent Client Of Choice

    uTorrent on windows, Deluge on Linux / Mac.
  8. The "gundam Challenge"

    Z Gundam - A New Translation is nice. The old series are bad. Gundam 0083 - Series and OVA was kinda good. ZZ Gundam... aint that bad. Original Gundam + Char's Counterattack + Unicorn = <3 Wing Gundam is ok eventhough Wing Gundam are definitely an OP gundam. Including the OVAs. Gundam Seed - Acceptable. Seed Destiny can go die in a fire. Gundam 00 - Amazing. I liked the OST that played throughout the series. GW Endless Waltz - Awesome sauce. Gundam Turn A - Was nice, i guess it's the final ending of Gundam Universe. Gundam F91 - I loved that gundam. Gundam V (Victory) - I can't understand this series. Gundam G - Kewl Fightin' yo! SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI. Gundam DX : Not bad. Battle happening at night or at space. NEED MOON TO BE AN UBER PWNER. LUL! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Try watching Gao Gai Gar + OVA? ITS A MANLY ANIMU. Doesn't make sense, BUT AMAZING. Just like watching Gurren Lagann. Macross series + OVAs are nice.
  9. Internet Explorer 9

    I put my faith on Opera Browser still. Or Galeon on Linux.
  10. Happy Birthday Satan

    http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/3953/dsc00071wn.jpg http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/6184/dsc00069c.jpg For you, Satan. Took this picture on the same date of your birthday actually. =D Too lazy to edit the pictures. Just formatted this lappie recently.
  11. Leaving Indefinitely

    Best of luck! From me, Kyo.
  12. What Do You Think Of The Person... Below You?

    Already had one, maybe Zoss needs it. I'll pass it to him. Is a N.E.E.T Hikikomori.
  13. Oh Lol! Pirated Google!

    Because Google China were pissed by the fact that chinese government forced them to filter almost everything. Thus, maybe because of this the first "Google hates China" happened. Then came on this website that tried to piss off / replaced google if Google China ever leaves China. LUL.
  14. Oh Lol! Pirated Google!

    Welll... some of you guys would know that China actually being hated by google with passion. Reason? http://shanghaiist.com/2010/01/28/googles_shanzhai_sister_goojje_pops.php