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  1. is apparently most active in Trash & Archives...oh and still playing on Korialstrasz server.

  2. Good to hear you are doing great. I'll try and log on soon, I really miss woc. At the moment I'm still playing on retail, got myself 3x 80's but I'm getting a little bored.

  3. Hi again! :) you know WoC is doing a lot better now. Population could be better but we got CrossFaction to help with raiding :D. Btw, now have our own appartment as of 5 days ago xD. And mom's house sold :P.

  4. Lol!! Yea was kinda in a homeless situation for a short while. Now living with my sweety and another couple...for another short while haha!... and... then we're getting our own place for us both and for the new baby that will be with us by end of this year :D

  5. brrrrraaaaaaacccccccccaaaaaaa~!


  7. Hey hey! haven't seen you in a while! howz things?

  8. Hey Hols! I'm still playing on retail, been playing ever since WOC shit itself. I will come back when things are a little better. Hope everything is allright with ya, homeless? really?

  9. Hey Brac!! I see you were active yesterday! you comming back?! I was going to, but I need a net connection and re download WoW >.< Blah! Im kinda homeless atm lmao! long story :P See ya!

  10. If you ever see this, merry christmas :)

  11. Haha Im 1st!! Hope You =re having fun on vacation! xD