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  1. End of an Era

    Hop on time to time would be great.
  2. End of an Era

    Meh gearing and playing all over aint that bad I dont see why people get all gloomy on starting over since everyone has too plus chris will fix script on instances plus there is a shit ton of New content coming up everyone is preparing for it atm so its alot off fun. Kele is playing on za atm so I don't see why he cries about db
  3. A fresh start is better then nothing tbh.


    ZA is alive and kicking and the chance of the DB coming is slim to non + new content if you really like ZA you'd come.

  4. End of an Era

    I think it´s quite simple chris don't actually want it since if the old database gets restored he does not get any donations anymore to kick start his own project thats the jist off it. + a fresh start in general is way more fun.
  5. End of an Era

    Moira Spell haste stacked dudu. I miss the old guru pvp days was alot of fun with stephanie (shadowkitten). Kind greetings from the dutch mage !
  6. yo bro how are you!

  7. End of an Era

    WTF coke how are you doing bro! Rofl oldies crawling out of everywhere.
  8. End of an Era

    Ehm Chris (bfx) did a fresh(meaning lvling a new char with no gear and gearing it ) ZA on his servers realmlist i am going to check that out . But for the rest i am just in the gym and working. How about you? ( come to chris his ZA server to check it out will be fun like the good old days).
  9. Robert i miss ya ya bish <3

  10. End of an Era

    ROBERT ;<3<3
  11. End of an Era

    Bye bye woc friends.
  12. End of an Era

    Steven bae you can always get some vla at my place in amsterdam <3
  13. End of an Era

    Thats a panda and o hai
  14. Thora Hi 

    1. Bloodfangx


      He won't smell you later.

    2. Thoragon
    3. Anema


      How are you garry!

  15. equest for add items

    Woc players are a certain breed of people. SO everyone already was.