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  1. Ask Satan Thread

    No one is to blame. It's the result of credit processors bring pressure to bear. We were having to move hosts, payment platforms and other services far to often, and I didn't have the time to keep doing it. Terra deserves a lot of respect for how long he kept it running when I couldn't. @wickedstreak of piss - Spoken like someone with no idea what they're talking about. Satan
  2. What is the cost to maintain the server online?
    I could help with what happened, but if you gave me the server core, I could reopen it just the way you left it.
    How could I help with what happened.
    I understand I have not played for years, but it is not fair that other players are harmed. Could link and update accounts and players to a new server, such as legion, but would need to edit all the old and improve the scripts-codes (CORE), how could you help?
    Wtsp +51957555221B)

    1. Deucalion


      Server is alive,check out http://www.tirisgarde.org/

      Same server as woc,just a fresh start .

  3. How can I get the items from the gift shop?


  4. SATAN donations are not open

  5. End of an Era

    The server hasn't been accepting donations for more than a year.. Even if we were selling something (and we weren't) we kept things running for a long time to make sure you got out of it what you wanted. Can i get my thousands of dollars back too? I mean, even before this year I dumped literally thousands into this server. Hi Snoozemutton. Hi Pallyfunjr. Satan
  6. End of an Era

    The Discord, forums and websites will be sticking around as we start working on other things. Everyone is welcome to keep visiting and stay in touch. We'll be around, just in a different form. Satan
  7. End of an Era

    No. Basically Blizzard complained about us repeatedly until PayPal told us to fuck off. I really appreciate the thought regarding support, but it's just not practical. We still have the issue that we keep getting kick off server hosts. Satan
  8. End of an Era

    I understand how you feel, but the realities of the situation are pretty grim. I personally cannot use PayPal at all. I've been banned for about 5 years. Imagine working in technology and not being able to use PayPal. Every other service we've approached has been the same. There's a limit to what we can do. The real killer is that most hosts are now unwilling to support anyone with a DMCA request against them. In the current climate, it's not worth the risk for them. It's these two things combined that have lead us here. Satan
  9. Woc Minecraft Server

    Suck a dick cock socket. Satan
  10. End of an Era

    For the last 11 years, WoC has been the longest running private WoW server to date (possibly ever at the rate they've fallen). At times we've literally held this place together by pure force of will. We've weathered untrustworthy staff and people doing immense damage from the inside. We've survived the loss of hardware and data and the loss of revenue streams. The number of times we've had to move server location and hosts, at ridiculous times in the morning and night.. We've been through literally a dozen. Unfortunately, we've come to a point. We've struggled to secure a location to provide a payment gateway for our service for the last year. We have gone through multiple vendors and run into the same problem each time. We've done what we can to try and hold this place together, but we've finally hit our limit. As of the 1st of June, we'll be terminating all of WoC Servers World of Warcraft related projects and shuttering Zul'Aman for good. We'll be storing everything for the future, because you never know, but we'll have to take it offline. I want to thank every member of the community (even the Bosnians). I want to thank all of the amazing staff we've had. I also want to thank (in no particular order) the following people: Chris (God) - Literally started it all. Guy had his moments, but for better or for worse, he's the father of WoC. Weezuz - If Chris is the father of WoC, Weezuz is very much the mother. She was a GM here when I started, and as many of you know, I've been here nearly as long as the server. Dan (Infierno) - Helped Chris at various points, and was an owner who helped keep WoC running until some sloppy coding nearly sank the server. He's the reason I took over the server, and he is owed some thanks for his work on WoC. Terra - The current part owner and caretaker of WoC Server currently. The man has done phenomenal work throughout the last 5 years keeping us all here and the lights turned on. We cannot thank him enough. Chris Mk2 (Bloodfangx) - Chris has been a long time contributor and player who has spent a ton of time creating and playing the content on WoC Server. His contributions have been immeasurable in keeping WoC running for the last 5 years. Matt (Munito) - Matt helped to shape and create enumerable items, ideas and policies on the server. He had a huge contribution to make and he made it. Tim (Volanz) - Tim has been a long time supporter and staff member on this server. His loyalty and dedication has been absolute, and he's been a stalwart of the staff for a long time. Daskin - Daskin contributed a great amount of code to the project, and whilst his work was occasionally rage inducing to me as server operator, he also helped shape WoC into what it became. Moira - Moira was a right royal pain at times, but she helped to create a great number of items and areas in the game and contributed to making WoC what it became. Snoozebutton - An ideas man, Snooze created a lot of ideas that eventually turned into reality. He also has left his mark on this server. Graveyard + GMSushi - For all the support. I'm sure I've forgotten people in this list, and for that I truly apologise. Both Terra and I feel we've let you down, but in the same breath, we've taken on considerable debt keeping this place running. It's been a long and mainly thankless path, but we would both do it again. That said, the journey isn't totally over. In the week or so preceding us shutting down the server, we'll be unlocking some things to allow players to have some fun. The following will be available: All items in the Donation Store will be free - get yourself an ED shirt, visit ED; Bans will be removed from all accounts, characters, and IP addresses. Fly/speed hacking, duping, stacking, etc will not be banned for. Note: Spamming, racism, etc will still be banned; use common sense. Beyond the above, if you have any questions of either Terra or I, please do ask them here. I'll reply in time, but please be patient. If you have any friends who used to play, invite them back for one last hoorah. Satan EDIT: If anyone still knows "Shadowkitten", tell her to drop me a line. Just keen to catch up.
  11. I see you online ¬_¬

  12. Project Jeszhara

    I totally wasn't wearing pants when I posted that. Just throwing it out there. Satan
  13. Project Jeszhara

    Things that come from Terra and Satan = Official. Things that come from Volanz, Bloodfangx et all = Probably official, if unsure, check with the above. Now, what was accidentally suggested here was stupid. I don't do stupid. Thus it wasn't coming from me. Volanz added a poll and left off the obvious (and actual correct) answer. We have plans for moving stuff, and these plans have been discussed with certain members of the community who can confirm what I am saying here (like it needs it). We will let you know when the time is right, but suffice it to say we aren't morons who are just going to delete everything. Lastly.. Weezuz should email me. Yep. Satan
  14. The World Is Going To End .

    Any discussions about religion (other than worshipping the one true Satanic lord) will result in me coming and slapping you upside the head. Seriously, this is a gaming forum, not a place to start bullshit like this. Elixer - Consider yourself warned in particular. This kind of thread is just asking for bullshit. Satan
  15. Happy Easter

    I should be able to like hidden posts.. Why can't I like hidden posts? Someone make it so I can like hidden posts.. Satan