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  1. Hey - got bored/nostalgic at lunch and decided to check out the WoC site again, saw that you were also on here relatively recently, figured there might be a chance you'll actually read this. Been a long time; how's things?

  2. I saw you lurking on my profile! Tsk-tsk-tsk

  3. If'n you have a mind to get in contact with me, my MSN is [email protected] and my Skype is Copelander6000. Long live KJ, even if it can never be accessed again. Faggits.

  4. Quite alright; the offer is always open. :) Here's hoping that WoC pulls itself out of this downward spiral, though I admittedly lost all hope of that some time ago. If you should end up moving elsewhere, let me know!

  5. DKs aren't baddies :P

    And nah, I don't want to play on Molten.

  6. "If I were human, I believe my response would be 'go to hell'... if I were human."

  7. Eh, I'm still hanging around on Molten, though I switched to their 1x server to join a roleplaying guild. It's fun, but I had to leave my druid behind - I now main a NE DK (DKs are bad players, I know) by the name of Ceridric. Feel free to come visit sometime, though I hesitate to encourage people to leave WoC... I still have fond memories of KJ, and hate to see the place like this.

  8. Weird, it didn't give me a notice that someone wrote on my page.

    Anyway, the server is mostly empty, even I stopped logging in daily.

    I'm quite sad to see this happening, I hope something will be done (new content) before I lose my whole interest in WoW.

    Are you still playing WoW or have you moved on?

  9. Eyyyyy! Thanks for the "happy birthday". So how are you doing, and how's the server? Still struggling along? I logged in for a quick look around and there was nobody else on, at all, period. >.>

  10. Ohh lol, no problem :P

    I guess I was the only one around who could heal

  11. Hehehe, at last you're on the druid side and yes, I still use Nidru, although I'm getting tired of druids :P

  12. ...and it cut my comment off. Bah humbug. You still using Nidru?

  13. I'm not surprised; it's been like that for ages. I hated that now and I still hate it. Bah.

    On a more positive note: guess what class I've been maining for a while now? Druid! I would like to take this time to apologize for forcing you to heal when you were balance spec. I understand now. >.> I walked away from paladins, and haven't made once since leaving...

  14. All we need is to get You-Know-Who to try some stuff on FW and get the stuff on Archi.

    But seems like zhe's found a new game :/