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  1. yo bro how are you!

  2. End of an Era

    Even though I was an immature child at the time and cringe everytime I read my forum posts from back then, I have to admit I had a great time playing on woc servers. Thank you staff for providing me with tons of fun over the years, and best of luck in the future!
  3. And Now To Something Completely Different!

    I'm actually seventeen, almost 18 :3 7 players on the field is some special rules that we have in this division, but in the senior games we have 11 players n full field
  4. And Now To Something Completely Different!

    I wouldn't care if it so was called retardball, its just a name Go back to 4chan and try n troll someone else +.+ edit: nvm im just gonna rage and call you're football nohandsball or how about pussyball
  5. so eh i just found out one of my friend's mom video'd our game, which happened to be my very first football game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6_xPJ6uhds If you're not into sports; or american football, DONT watch it. im #50, fullback/lineback
  6. COKE GET ON NOW! Laugh out Loud we need to go arena ._.

  7. Signed, Level 1 Alt.

    Thats what i said in the start. This is a complaint over the not so good players on the server. "not so good" = "horseshitticketmakers"... Question; Why do you think all the "pro" players left?
  8. Signed, Level 1 Alt.

    Satan, You Did.
  9. Signed, Level 1 Alt.

    I would have understood it asap if it'd came from a crying player, but a gm..
  10. Signed, Level 1 Alt.

    So this is a complaint over all the not so very skilled players on za? Thats kinda ..evil Satan is devil. Devil is satan
  11. Signed, Level 1 Alt.

    I might be retarded asking this, but does this have anything to do with ma vids? ;f