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  1. End of an Era

  2. What are you listening to now?

    or Sad music for sad days.
  3. Farewell Ivan 'anee' Krush - 1994-2016. Rest In Peace.

    Oh no, I come back after more than a year of inactivity and I get on the feels train straight away. Ivan was one of the unique persons that no one who got to know him in any way will forget. As long as people will remember him, he will live forever. I am going to cry myself to sleep today. Rest in peace you sexy paladin.
  4. End of an Era

    Would never think that I would shed a tear, for a WoW server I left around 7 years ago, when it gets closed one day... and here I am, writing this post to thank everyone who were involved in keeping this truly unique server up for so long. I joined WoC in the late of 2007, probably December (the first thing I remember was Snoozebuttom receiving his upgraded Frostmourne for being the best and fairiest raid leader) and then a few months later the forums. This place is where I grew up from a full retard to a... uhm... well still a retard but not as much retarded. The first time I got banned was by Satan when he banned some random fag I didn't know for some bullshit, because he wasn't in the mood and I replied, like a damn retard, ''you should ban yourself''. Boom banned. And then begged on the forum for unban and also made my brother beg with me . Thank you Satan for making me less of a retard and thinking of consequences before I say/write something. The funniest and most memorable moments that I will remember until my death started when I joined Fabio's barcode guild. The best raiding experience I had in TBC ever. Fights between Fabio and Ivan were priceless. Actually Ivan was pretty much in a fight with everyone those days if I remember correctly. I made so many good friends there like Ellah, Steven, Mahimani and more which names I don't remember anymore. A big thank you to this awesome man from Mexico or Brazil... Portuguese? Fabio ''Mindbreaker/Braincrusher'' Santos. I hope I remember his name correctly. Thank you to all the WoC staff members for keeping this server and forums maintained so we could enjoy this amazing experience we had while playing the best and #1 custom TBC server ever created! Best regards, Daniel ''Shutter'' Szotak, the best crocodile this server had , I guess...
  5. 2 days late but still... Happy birthday!

    1. Bloodfangx


      Hey, thank you!

  6. Memories Of Woc

    YOU SEE THAT CROC?! That's me when my title removed my nametag from the universe... and than I screwed up and couldn't change it back /cries in corner
  7. Memories Of Woc

    Remember that bugged trinket? Suddenly... SUPERJUMP! If I remember right he said ''I need honor to test something''. WoC #1
  8. Woc Minecraft Server

    Ah well I guess I can't play with pirated MC then.
  9. Azshara - Starting Over

    Shutter - MOTHERFUCKING horde.
  10. Games

  11. Official Woc Speccy Thread

    Do you still remember my PC? Well the only upgrade since then is win7. That ram is still 768 it's just "virtualy" increased to 1GB since it's win7 Waiting for a new PC. I will post the new one in a few days after it arrives Here we go:
  12. Who's All Still Around?

    I check forums once a month. Does it count as still around?
  13. Seaking, Fuckyeah

    Mr. Rina http://pokemon.alexonsager.net/122/30
  14. Woc Minecraft Server

    He has a face on his back O: