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    i rly hate stupid ppl.
  1. happy birthday chris


  2. best mage priest world??????????

  3. Pvp Movie In Hd

    no.... this is a case of complete ignorance. YOU would quite literally get rolled on AT. According to my sister (misa), the only few people from here who have a chance on AT is slash flex and maybe smeg. But once you get used to it, it just gets harder at the higher levels. Have fun facing Mir, Blazin, Seldomis, Misamisa, Excellion, Draakedog, Lunaah, etc. I myself (there being only 3 TBC priests who were better than me: Hyrda, Seldomis and Billy), have only got up to rank 3. Why? Because i play P/M and the teams at 1.9k+ rating are insane pro azn korean japanese players with godly apm men))))

  5. best mage LOLOL xD. im comin back i think :P

    Gnome war inc to YOUR FUCKING FACE


  6. Private Server Smacktalk

    AT, SF and Res = only 2.4.3 servers that have decent pvp'ers tbh
  7. Misa/ryuu 2V2 Vid~

    http://www.warcraftmovies.com/pv.php?l=roddan there. PM Noone right now. hes rdy 2 respond to u
  8. Misa/ryuu 2V2 Vid~

    k, Noone does not play retail. make an msn, add me and i will inv u to a group convo with him right now. He will give multiple pieces of proof right now. gonna SS it.
  9. Misa/ryuu 2V2 Vid~

    k sec
  10. Misa/ryuu 2V2 Vid~

    u said u watched 10 seconds and decided i was bad right there. all i did was buff up before match started??? i had perfect chain CC's. i trinketed sap @ 5:10 at the perfect moment saving her from dying. after the plan to force the druid to trinket (which he did), i layed a more than perfect fear after misa's blind to win the game. watch from 8:05 also, Noone just got online, if u rly want proof hes not a fake then ask, il hit u like a truck w/ it.
  11. Misa/ryuu 2V2 Vid~

    lol. 10 secs and the game didnt even start yet. ye seeing me buff up and saying im bad gg and no lol u r not far superior. il donate for u if u can get me past 50% srsly. son u would not even land a hit lolsup [email protected] baddie
  12. Misa/ryuu 2V2 Vid~

    sad troll attempt by ZA pvp hero xDDDDDD is sad
  13. Misa/ryuu 2V2 Vid~

    wow america? ive played on chinese and japanese servers more. and no ur reaction timing is def not > mine. lol'd right there k ur here now and so am i. but i doubt ur going to actually duel me cuz ur prolly all talk.
  14. Misa/ryuu 2V2 Vid~

    cuz uve seen me play. jk soz but u cant even compare to me. just my reaction timing alone will outclass ur shit ololol ur online. im online. i do have wotlk. y not duel? or r u going to mysteriously log off again