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  1. and mesph has been missing :/ sorry

  2. Server Related Ideas

    List of things to change on WoC Voting number:5 top 100 sites and not two or three. this way we can advertise more. Vote rewards need to be changed drastically rather then having a set list. we need to have an option where one can obtain items of a set level as in capping the list of items one could receive for vote points at say 231 or so. and those said higher items being set at a higher amount of vote points. so say an item level uuduar sword, two-hander, is 231, as such its 105 vote points. This sort of vote system also encourages people to vote more frequently, as their receiving much greater compensation for voting. That;s... a major given. Now you may be pissed off over these ideas. and your idea of archimonde being a blitz-like server. If you really want a blitz like server do what molten does and make a 3x server no donate/ no vote items based server. I wouldn't suggest making this how it is now but later. Also the idea of 10x sounds great on Archimonde. but for returning players and those coming, seeing a 20x for a fixed amount of time may help bring more people and thus bring up the population. fixed as in a couple months probably and later we could possibly implement a new 10x server or drop Archimonde to a 10x and host a 20x server. Those playing private servers often times look more for a faster means of leveling, it appeals more to the masses of players coming in, and could only benefit us. as for future realms we could take polls and see what the players themselves want rather then what the admins or server owners believe is best. that way we stick to the idea that " The customer is always right". thus helping the server more. If you need a good reference for a vote store set up go onto www.molten-wow.com and see how theirs works. Not sure how much time or effort would be needed to make one similar, but it, would help us out greatly as well. As far as donations go, our donation list is small and not doing so well. I'd offer packages for set items. and promos for toons set at level 55 with blues for like five bucks. 70 with t7 for like 15 instant level 80 for like 10 bucks. (excluding first time promo for joining the server. ) etc, just some simple ideas. nothing too serious. any ICC wep around ten bucks, any ICC heroic wep at about 12 or 15 bucks, or any season 8 pvp wep around 12. Tier sets starting at a certain price, tier sets also including, every slot filled but weapon slots. Much like immortal wow, were a lot of WoC players have gone to, that and molten. so say a t10 set was at 65 bucks, they then receive any pieces of armor of a t10 set, or equivalent, or they can choose to get the season eight pvp set aka wrathful gladiators. their choice of armor and such is their call, and upon purchase they need to compile a list of the gear, the rings and trinkets desired. Once the gear is approved that it belongs in that item level /tier, the gm will then credit said account with items. ( only difference between this and immortal is this package won't include weapons either. thus allowing more profit to come in) Another thing, we need a promo to bring about more players, for those coming into the server, now offering a level 80 promo for their first toon on archimonde would help bring about its standings, possibly offering a standard of 3000 g.s in items as well to help them along in raiding. This would get them to want to join, and to bring others as well. This promo would be designated to a one time thing on one character class of their choice for that one I.P address. Deleting the toon, will not allow them to use the promo again, as they've used it once. For the return of kj players, I believe they should be compensated based upon their account info, a gm or admin can easily view said players account and see how many toons the player had on the old server. At one time a transfer of all said toons was offered. Only to be smashed months later. so as a means to make up for it, I believe the returning kj player asking for compensation have an entitlement to something. And we as a server, who once promised said thing, should be willing to oblige to up our population our standing, and our rank in whole. Rather then saying heres a level seventy toon, thanks for playing all that time with us, hope you stick around now. Not much motivation or compensation as a means to influence one to stay, to continue said past support. A gm would view a request made from a returning kj player , look upon said users request, their account and Ip, see how many toons he had at that time, and compensate him the toons and their levels and at-least a minimum of a 2k-3k gearscore. Same class of toons, to make it simpler. for those on menethil, and those who donated for elite donator status, they'd be given their class characters back and said elite donator status on the toon they had once had it on. This would also bring about the population and desire of past menethil players to return, which also was a great aide in keeping WoC up in funds. Thus.. making everything better off. I have a ton more ideas, and I was on this server for near 2 1/2 years, but obviously shits not being done and what is isn't helping. The populations dropping, the ranks dropping, and the over all, once well known server has literally taken a shit. It makes me sad, yeah I might have messed up a couple times on here, but I still stuck around up till I noticed things weren't getting much better. So this is some minor input on some things that could or couldn't, possibly be done to help aid the server and bring it back up. you might or might not like them. but truthfully the way it's going, it couldn't hurt. I seriously want this server to continue and become the place I use to love so much, these days, this games just one stress wracked thing. nothing like the old kj times. There's a lot more I could say to improve us, or help out players. but I'll save it for another time. Anyways, with regards, Mesphinal
  3. soooo.... Vaj is back.... and is wondering where her server is.... >.>

  4. Rishu

    F that, here back on random topic. IF you can argue after this you all need to pull something out of your arses xD
  5. Rishu

    And just because that Mesphinal douche bag isn't included I have to say, dude sucks hardcore, I mean where the hell does he have the right to not be in the middle of all this shit? I think dude needs to be flamed. also, I think this back and forth shit is relatively stupid on both ends. Though If it where me and my guild, I too would take offense and counter in the same measure. So its only natural, nice to see there's three pages of Rishu hate, Though. Hell, even I haven't wound up here, and I've been here near 2 and something w/e years. You really stop counting after awhile :/ But, I was bored, Figured I'd enter in a random Blah blah and happened across this. Talk to you all in game. ` Mesphinal '
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    Also, SIEG ZEON. And such.

  8. Assasins Creed 2

    Been playing on it pretty extensively, as In, following the story, sides quests, picking up feathers, renovating the town etc. I like how much more in depth it is, the customization ability in regards to your armor and weapons, your armors looks, etc. How you can fix up the town, use your enemies weapons against them, disarm etc. The information in regards to historical figures, places and happenings is just epic. It was well done, Only thing I don't like is how I cant chase a victim that's running and tap assassinate to leap onto the mofo and stab his ass like In the first one, for some reason the ability to do that is like,, rare, but jumping off towers to kill two ppl in one jump, epic. smoke bombs, pistols, medieval time period, etc. All In all great game thus far, Yep cliff hangers, but the extra content and side missions alone right now are occupying me, as will any future extra content to be deployed to the Playstation network, after this is done, waiting for a couple months for God Of War III, looks promising as well.
  9. Help!

    In order to modify your realm list go into your folder usually located in Computer/ (c drive) / Program files. from there or whatever world of warcraft folder you have, you'll access it as follows. World of warcraft / data / En us / realmlist If you cant open the realm list file, right click it, open with notepad, and then go onto the WoC main web page and get the info you need, replace it all with nothing but, set realmlist wotlk.wocserver.org And then save it. Open wow via WoW.exe not WoWlauncher.exe That should have helped some.
  10. So Whats Up?

    Adding more AP and hit to my rogue, as I've become a junkie.