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  1. R.I.P Ashley (Evvah)

    I somehow recall that name, might of even had a few conversations if memory serves at least on ZA. Tragic news indeed Can only imagine what her family and close friends must be going through and probably still not fully be able to comprehend the heartache. Hopefully the time she did have she spent it how she wanted to and was happy. Wish her family and friends (even if they never get this message) the best under these circumstances and hope they find peace 1 day in the memories they've created and shared throughout her life. May she Rest In Peace.
  2. End of an Era

    The amount of irony in regards to "I've wasted so much of my time here" when they still take the time to come back and argue with each other on numerous occasions is making me laugh harder than it should I will admit. So at least there's still that to look forward to when boredom hits
  3. End of an Era

    Its always hard to accept something that can't last due to shitty circumstances you can't control especially due to the amount of time you've put into it. I've done a ton of server hopping and even though I stopped playing here a while back (was mostly throughout the time Allah server was up) I still felt a sense of loyalty owed due to the time I spent on here was actually fun (can't say that for many other servers). So for what ever its worth from an old druid & enhance s4 shaman switching from a 2h to double 1h's in bgs having a great time (man I miss that more than anything else) I wish all the people involved who worked on this server and tried their best to keep it going for this long all the very best for the future and thank you for giving up your free time to make this server what it is, I know it couldn't have been easy but you still put out an amazing place to spend time at. For the very few people who still remember me (If any) and for those who don't know who this clownfish is that's talking gibberish, I shall leave you with a wet but well lubricated face fit for slugs to be dancing on in order for a moist but warm tongue to gently stroke in appreciation for all the love and support that was given to this server.
  4. Don't Open It If Youre A Hater.

    This would be the type of "treat the problem rather than the symptom" thing. While in theory the idea will work, like others have stated it would only be for a short time. You get 2 types of players, 1 being the type who enjoy exploiting broken content cause its "fun and super easy" while the other wants to actually enjoy a server with some sort of stable progression content and working content. If you don't have a team (which I know isn't easy and it takes times) putting out new content and working on updates on a daily or weekly or even monthly basis players will not stick around for very long generally speaking. As doing the same stuff is ok for a while but once you gear up and can't move further it becomes dull and boring and there isn't much point to put anymore time in it. Its not an unbanning of the masses that will populate the server, but rather adding in more progression and content for players to do along with fixing current game breaking bugs which again I understand isn't easy and takes time. This is in no way me being a "hater" or shooting down the idea you've proposed here. I'm just thinking long term.
  5. Cars

    This is my first and current car I inherited from my grandfather when he passed way a few years ago. Its a 1984 vw passat glx 5. Had to fix quite a couple things on it like replace the clutch plate when that finally gave out, re-did the carburetor (general maintenance and a tune to run correctly), replaced the fuel pump after that finally died. Replaced the battery, had to change the brake pads I think twice (from normal wear and tear) and replaced the old shocks with new 1's. Also changed the stock tires and mags to 18" and put in a new sound system with speakers. Most of the stuff I did myself with some help from my father at the time, the carb + clutch plate + shocks were done professionally. Also plan on putting on a better exhaust system in future as well. All the stuff I changed / replaced though were still original parts that finally started giving issues from 28+ years. So my grandfather did a pretty good job at maintaining the car which I'm grateful for.
  6. Happy Birthday Chris (aka Bloodfangx)

    Congratulations on living this long so far since you came into this world. Hope the day is spent wisely but if not, guess that's fine too, just be sure to have your face licked by all your friends and family so you can have a similar wet feeling of when you were born.
  7. Preference For A Player

    I feel like this type of issue should be handled by the staff member and the player in question, there is no reason for everyone to drag it out into the open into a drama show (yes I'm contributing to dragging it out now by replying I am aware) even if your intentions are good. I get the whole "venting your frustration" if things went sideways but from what I read on that link the player handled it accordingly so instead of it still being dragged out here on social, you could easily spend the same amount of energy by forming a new group with people you trust and going to get the item again, even if it takes you a few days or what ever the case may be. The staff members cannot please everyone in terms of the decisions they make but you should know they are in their current position for a reason (based on their responses on similar situations) and of course not everyone is going to agree with every single thing but at least you and your friends are not banned (I'm assuming) and have the opportunity to group back up and go try get that item again with someone you know for certain (perhaps even yourself) as leader to avoid issues happening like that again. Lastly, do not take this as something negative towards you, I'm just trying to offer constructive criticism based on all I've read here cause I've seen it happen far too often when people could rather spend that same energy to go farm that item without the players who made a mistake so you know you won't run into problems like this again. Not saying anyone is perfect cause we all make mistakes but how you learn from them will determine if your time playing is enjoyable or not.
  8. What are you listening to now?

  9. What are you listening to now?

  10. Farewell Ivan 'anee' Krush - 1994-2016. Rest In Peace.

    Given everything I've read in the past, can't say I really knew the guy personally nor would I really judge him based on just what I've read. With that said people always seem to find a way to come together regardless of their differences in order to unite and send out their sympathy in times like these. I know its never a good thing when someone dies at such a young age but whats important is how he lived in the time he had. As long as he enjoyed the life he had that's what counts despite the condition he had. He'll go on to live in the hearts and memories of all the people that knew him including those closest to him. May he forever Rest In Peace for what its worth coming from someone that didn't get the chance to know him.
  11. Faces of WoC

  12. What Does Really Grind Your Gears !

    People who make topics that I waste my time in reading and replying.