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  1. Merry Christmas To Everyone

    Merry x-mas christian people.
  2. Racist Players!

    bad people are everywhere.
  3. This Is What Happen When A Gm Opens A Ticket

    i know the feeling, also most of those tickets are not readable or just useless like please help me gm, omg i lost item please whisp and etc, i've been there xD
  4. no explanation, watch the video. just about to have fun xD https://vid.me/KkLI
  5. Dark Side of the moon, you won't ever see.

  6. Happy Chris Days.

    Happy birthday mate, now we're on the same age. wish you all the best around the world.
  7. Telegram Chanel!

    The invite link is broken or it's just expired, edit please.
  8. Woc Can Be Better !

    this topic is going in a stupid way..
  9. Wtf

    back in the days we had a same problem on our website someone just made tons of the id's to attack our forums, well the bad part is that we had to delete em one by one, it took almost 6 hours to do so
  10. Merry Christmas

    yeah we don't have x-mas but wishing you all the best around the world in the new year woc.
  11. Hinty's Woc Fan Creations

    its really cool, nice art skill.
  12. Telegram Chanel!

    what about family pictures... i don't get you at all.
  13. Telegram Chanel!

    i do not really care where does it hosted, its a free future that we can use to make it all better. i know what are you trying to say, but this is the wow game we're talking about, not the things that are happenings between governments. you should really change your mind about it.
  14. Telegram Chanel!

    i bet you didn't even read the first post, creating group on telegram could help to make a better connection between users n the staff team and we're not talking about users privacy here. and it really isn't suck you just using it in a bad way. P.S. I support the idea, Telegram is a easy program to use and it's free, we could use something free to make things work.
  15. House & Electro

    Who wan the bass