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  1. screenshots

    Why do all of the barcode screenshots only have the bad members of barcode in it?
  2. Legit don't care, tell me when they remake the best ff.
  3. If it is, its about damn time.
  4. still 2 years on that unless the age was changed from what you told me before
  5. Every year without fail Thanks a lot man.
  6. Actually no its not, today is adams birthday, both skype and chris have told me so
  7. I wish him a hb every year, I am sorry you are 2 new to know him.
  8. Happy Birthday Adam! Have another good year, thanks for all the hard work you do here at WoC, we all appreciate it. (We'll take down HC Dark Shamans as a present on Sunday, I promise) \o/ Congrats on turning 16 years old
  9. i considered some sort of fountain for the centerpiece with the beacon shooting out of it, but it doesn't offer as easy of an access to the actual beacon. as it is now all I have to do is break some glass to change the jump/speed boost if I ever need it over regen At a bit of a standstill though while I consider how I want things to play out, do I want my base to float on the water, come up with some kind of pillar design to make it appear its being held up, or what. some halfslab pillars of some sort with lava running down the center of it so it could be seen, I kind of like that idea now that I think about it, just have to figure out how to make it look nice.
  10. That actually looks pretty good, have been busy so haven't been on to see it, it is on that little island next to our place?
  11. Slime blocks are always useful. Also easy of access to magma cream between them and blaze.
  12. oh
  13. Should setup an automatic slime farm with it, if its a slime chunk. Digging out a chunk shouldn't take long with a good pick like the one we have and the beacon setup
  14. I need slimeballs, willing to trade diamonds for them.
  15. Enjoy the start of our new base, dw it is like, so close to the old one its all the same thing.