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  1. ANyone listen to old school rap - list

    Rhyme Asylum. No one compares sry. Too much word play and metaphors.
  2. Lets Talk About Our Job, What You Do For Living?

    Recently(ish) quit my job, going to get my RSA and have a travel around and see which bar/club/whatever will take me.
  3. Faces of WoC

    Everyone is getting up me about that damn thumb
  4. Faces of WoC

    its makeup big dawg. just came from a photoshoot
  5. Battlefield 3 Beta.

    lawnbrinkur i play fifa 12 competitively also. add me on msn.
  6. Faces of WoC

    the fuck does that even mean
  7. Steve Jobs Is Dead

    Stock dropped 5% when they didn't release iPhone 5 let alone this happening. ;o
  8. Faces of WoC

    there u go pal i upload 4 u Schnitzel Challenge... it was bloody hard.
  9. Faces of WoC

    hahahah /e recivs Satanic Doomslayer
  10. Faces of WoC

    u r ugely
  11. Off From Woc.

  12. What Are You Doing?

    Ohh and you're listening to dubstep too. This is a little too convenient.
  13. The Roast Of...

    There are some good ones, I've read some of them. He roasts as well.
  14. Computer Headphones.

    I don't care if they're pink and look like an alien... comfort/quality is all that's on my mind.