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  1. Playing Wow On Laptop ?

    I have two macbooks and I don't really have issues. I can run BC wow at mostly high settings, Wrath at mid, and Cata at mid and shadow settings on low. My friend has an Asus laptop that can run games well, and it has an i7 so I guess that's good. Alienware and Asus are the only two brands I know for gaming laptops. I have a desktop but I really hate it.. and its big and black (the case I mean...)... kinda want an iMac...
  2. What are you listening to now?

    Karthus song >.>
  3. Ultimate Best Movie Thread

    The Departed. I like Leonardo Dicaprio's acting and I liked all his films (Inception was cool but I didn't really get it lol). Grandma's Boy
  4. l2clear ur inbox, can't pm u, noob

  5. holy duck quack spam

  6. oi ya i was on za yesterday but i went afk lol

  7. Oi you ! Logging off few seconds after I log in, I still got to talk to ya, and I still can't send messages over that thing. Says you can't retrieve any new messages over and over again.

  8. Ask Satan Thread

    cats or dogs?