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  1. R.I.P Ashley (Evvah)

    I remember that priest Evvah - Evaah (Ashley).I'm very sad and sorry to hear that Ashley passed away.She was a great person and a good friend.The loss of a friend is like that of a limb; time may heal the anguish of the wound, but the loss cannot be repaired.R.I.P Ashley
  2. What are you listening to now?

  3. CHRIS

    BEE, May all your plans and hopes on it become true!
  4. End of an Era

    Agree i think they give database to BFX that's why we gett answer from Tera> (The question is out of my jurisdiction and, even if it weren't, the answer is very complicated) but BFX don't want it old database, but without old database now on his server will play just 15-20 players, the same was with Last Wow.They closed Last Wow and one GM there open again Last Wow without old database,now there play just 20 players.If BFX want more players better to start with old database he will gett again donations,on Woc they can't donate 2 years but now on his ...Zul'Aman they will donate again.Like _KELE_ say no database=no party anyway i delete my priest last week don't want to play again from begening
  5. End of an Era

    Terra and Satan, server is closed right? Many players who played here start to advertising other servers after closing of Woc.When all advertising other server is not ok but when they advertising ...-Zul'aman then is ok post is not deleted.Bfx open ...- Zul'Aman all Gm go there alredy if this is the same Zul'Aman why you don't want to give old database to BFX many players there want old database back?With old database more players will go there to play not like now just 15-20.
  6. End of an Era

    Copy who Bfx have it on his Pc without database.I come to woc- forum just to say goodbye to my friends and if this continue all to say shits to each other like you Smeg better Tera to close this social Woc server forum too.
  7. End of an Era

    No problem at all i just ask is it you Ionut that host owner who run amdwow beyond the call 3.3.5 server before ?
  8. End of an Era

  9. End of an Era

    Inout what happen to your amdwow beyond the call 3.3.5 server ?Do you want to run this server Zul'Aman too ?
  10. End of an Era

    Cuccy If you don't like facking Woc like you say, why you play again on this Bfx Zul'Aman server is again Woc right just fresh start?
  11. Playing Legion expansion on Firestorm servers ,on Insane wow tbc vanekere play there also if you want cuccy come there on Insane wow.Maybe i will try warmane but going to work every day maybe on weekend i will try warmane


    1. Brown-Zilit
    2. Auron


      Vanekere,Vanekeree druids ally,Bluearm warrior,Pexx pala he was best on his druid Vanekeree playing with him from 2008 on Woc server.

  12. End of an Era

    Goodbye Woc one of the best private servers,closing Woc to me feels like saying goodbye to an old friend,one who has been with you through thick and thin,good times and bed,a friend who made you laugh,yell,smile,and rage.Wow is much more then just a game Ive met friends through wow that i know better then some of the people i know in real life.Wow is a place that bring people together,the game is a huge social experience.In the end what to say lets make all players screenshots together ally and horde.Goodbye Woc server
  13. Merry Xmas Woc

    I will say just this to you Happy New Year
  14. Merry Xmas Woc

    All server make something for Christmas and New Year just to bring more players,plus give Christmass Rewards from 25 December - 1 January with events. Every day diferent event which give DP rewards.Here i log and see site is the same nothing to show that is Christmass we have it i think Site Moderators.Everything is the same 5 -6 years on our site .When new player see our site this days he will run at once and go to other server.Go see other private server how they decorate and what they do to bring more players for those Christmas and Happy New Year days
  15. Post Your Random Screen Shots Here !

    I found this picture when we win pvp 3 vs 3 event Me with priest,pala Retlawl and Shamanazn vs Drxx,Michele and Nagasiren