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  1. It's Terra's Birthday Today!

    Late, but happy bday .
  2. What are you listening to now?

  3. April Birthdays

    Haha U still remmember that one, Matthew And heya!
  4. April Birthdays

    Got a day before the good old sir Volans .
  5. Never give up, stoping or falling back is not an option!

  6. One Big "hello" To All My Friends

    So, bots r spaming here now aswell?
  7. [Unofficial] Happy Birthday Thread

    Lol, hi. Well thanks I guess . Apparently you are just fullage with the age of 18 and turn to an adult with the age of 21 but that's just a sidenote . I actualy just randomly browsed the forums and saw this coming up . I remmember when I was playing and here said smth like: "fuck yeah now I'm 14", I think I even said to you, steven xD. Thanks again m8 . I wish you all a nice day x3. note to myself: Don't speak so much random stuff q-q. #TheMemories
  8. Car Related Topic

    Sad to hear but if I read right both of u went out of it without any damage on urself so I guess that's the best part about it? Hope ur car gets better soon .
  9. Jb Trol

    I see wut U did there .
  10. Jb Trol

    I remmember Steven singing this allday .Good old times though.
  11. Happy bday!:) 2days to go till mine :P.

  12. Ownage Prank Calls.

    This was so not funny.