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  1. Wew it's Moira. Hey there.
  2. Still alive ? :?

    1. Bloodfangx


      Hey Pal, I'm still around :^)

  3. Wtf Cokelover posting on the forum, is this real life.
  4. Rip Woc - Zul'aman.

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    2. darkmouth


      Time to delete wow and throw away the key ^^

    3. dalarks


      I could give the realmist Of the server bfx pllis


    4. Darnel
  5. It's Over. Rip.
  6. Take it easy guys, it was fun :^)
  7. Clearing some things up, I've requested for the database data for Zul'aman. I am currently waiting for an answer, I'm not certain of the outcome but hoping for a good one. I hope to receive news before the game server goes offline since the majority of the player-base don't use the forum.
  8. No i don't have any news before anyone asks me :^)

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    2. Deucalion


      Warmane rockz niggas

    3. Bloodfangx


      Enjoy that queue


    4. Deucalion


      No que when I log😂

  9. I'll log on soonish, not sure what i want to build. May redo the lighthouse :^)
  10. Surprised this topic isn't more active, so what's going on in the server? I've not been on yet been kinda busy but interested to see what's being created :^)
  11. Would be nice if people could stop pming me about accounts and items, thanks.



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    2. Bloodfangx


      Idk, when you going to stop being a filthy turnip.

    3. Darnel
    4. Lickmydagger


      give me ed shirt and full buff pls gm xxbloodfangxx

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  13. fixed