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  1. End of an Era

    Wew it's Moira. Hey there.
  2. Still alive ? :?

    1. Bloodfangx


      Hey Pal, I'm still around :^)

  3. End of an Era

    Wtf Cokelover posting on the forum, is this real life.
  4. Rip Woc - Zul'aman.

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    2. darkmouth


      Time to delete wow and throw away the key ^^

    3. dalarks


      I could give the realmist Of the server bfx pllis


    4. Darnel
  5. End of an Era

    It's Over. Rip.
  6. End of an Era

    Take it easy guys, it was fun :^)
  7. End of an Era

  8. End of an Era

    Clearing some things up, I've requested for the database data for Zul'aman. I am currently waiting for an answer, I'm not certain of the outcome but hoping for a good one. I hope to receive news before the game server goes offline since the majority of the player-base don't use the forum.
  9. No i don't have any news before anyone asks me :^)

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    2. Deucalion


      Warmane rockz niggas

    3. Bloodfangx


      Enjoy that queue


    4. Deucalion


      No que when I log😂

  10. Woc Minecraft Server

    I'll log on soonish, not sure what i want to build. May redo the lighthouse :^)
  11. Woc Minecraft Server

    Surprised this topic isn't more active, so what's going on in the server? I've not been on yet been kinda busy but interested to see what's being created :^)
  12. Would be nice if people could stop pming me about accounts and items, thanks.



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    2. Bloodfangx


      Idk, when you going to stop being a filthy turnip.

    3. Darnel
    4. Lickmydagger


      give me ed shirt and full buff pls gm xxbloodfangxx

  13. CHRIS

  14. CHRIS

  15. equest for add items