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  1. without old database = no   If BFX gett database in the future all will come back

  2. Fresh start bulshit players to start again to play from begening on server where they played 10 years with eds characters and all arty why to bother to play again from begening on server where all will use again wpe will be the same like before.When Woc is closed and Bfx can't use old database better Satan and Tera to not give Zul'Aman at all. The same was with Last Wow server was closed every account was deleted and some Gm open again server there play now just 20 players and we all know how much players have it Last Wow before.Good Luck with your fresh server anyway 

    1. Deucalion


      If you want to be ed,donate.And ye +/- a jaja like you is same shit.

    2. Squall


      Playing here 2 years https://firestorm-servers.com/en/  before Wod now Legion expansion with 14000 players on Legion expansion 7000 players.Server have it Wotlk,Cata,Pandaria,Wod and Legion. Why to donate on server who don't have it even own site yet ,where all like you will use wpe again to gett items and i think this server will be closed in 1 or 2 months.

    3. Deucalion


      Sorry,players already donated a lot and it wont get closed.And ye,no one is wpeing here,Bfx and the rest gms are going to ban every single player who hacks.

  3. i register but can't enter in Bfx server i use this relmlist set realmlist ns3015903.ip-149-202-69.eu

  4. server is off ?i register but can't enter in server i use this realmlist set realmlist ns3015903.ip-149-202-69.eu this is Bfx Zul'Aman server ????
  5. that shaman in third duel just wait to be killed
  6. Happy Birthday
  7. Happy Birthday.
  8. Assasincross made Gm application in other private servers and tell there that he was Gm here haha
  9. L...Wow really closed ? forever or just temporally? didn't played there 2 years, anyway play here this is the best 2.4.3 server for me is Blizz-like and Custom Burning Crusade
  10. Ty this link is avesome
  11. I,m Final Fantasy fan also my brother (Auron)all music from all FF game is best like music from Wow.My brother played all FF game from 1 to 12 .Ty for link