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  1. End of an Era

    well this is strange why do u want to keep account db , not like it has any use with server being offline or there is any value in it
  2. End of an Era

  3. End of an Era

    it is offline
  4. hello darkness my old friend

  5. End of an Era

    we all had great time on Zul'aman, but it's time to move on and accept the fact, that all those great ZA times are in the past now only thing that makes me sad, is that community is going to vanish also, after server being shut, but well, what can we do about it
  6. this  forum theme sucks balls

    1. Bloodfangx


      Dw, working on new one :^)

    2. Terra


      The default forum theme is the best thing ever.

  7. Which Do You Wanna See

    porn is liek free drugs when everyone gets VR this world be so lol hahaha
  8. Refresh

    well, since ZA is dead, you have all the time in the world to learn LUA and fix the addon your self
  9. What Are You Doing Nowadays

    playing dota2 imba mode
  10. Azshara - Starting Over

  11. Don't Open It If Youre A Hater.

    eds don't benefit from items, perhaps they should be unbanned without wiping anything, either way, that's not gonna do much in population increase. it will be the same people that play now, they are just gonna use banned accounts of theirs, if it gets unbanned lool
  12. Don't Open It If Youre A Hater.

    fuck surgeries, ZA needs euthanasia lol srlsy opening a new realm with some different expansion and shutting down Zul'aman, would be the best thing for woc, otherwise this community wont last another year
  13. Don't Open It If Youre A Hater.

    been playing other servers too, they never perma ban anyone, and they have thousands of people online. But ZA is a broken core tbc, not sure if it's gonna help , many people just are not interested in it, and most of who got banned, are playing on new accounts
  14. Cigarettes

    +1 to drinking water, been smoking for some years, I think my fav was, lighting up a cig at bus stop, while waiting. At the time I decided to quit addiction, I was just buying a can of coke and drinked it till my bus arrived. Also a good propaganda is a key, I've watched alot of movies about how bad and stupid smoking is and looked up to people who don't smoke and drink, I wanted to be like them
  15. Changing The Looks Of Your Gear In Wow

    https://goo.gl/gwuqDW how to Change race in WoW