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  1. Just a hai!

    Hi you guys! Glad to see lots of oldies around. How have yall been? Admins might want to revive the post i had with Thread of Threads (thread containing countless links). I can update links once we have content
  2. Are you alive o_o

    1. lyzia


      Mr Nation i'm hereeeee :3

    2. Priestnation


      Great to hear Iyzia ^_^

  3. Guess What

    I'm just messaging to show my presence byee
  4. I was here!! PC crashing when i try to run WoW xD Anyone plays Dota 2?

  5. sup neb :3

    1. Iduna


      Heey, nothing much. How you doing? :)

    2. Priestnation


      nm just buzzing around to see who still play here lol

  6. Wake up wake up!!!

    1. lyzia


      Mr. Nation! I'm here! \^-^/

  7. I'll be around :) Hope the oldies are still around!

  8. ^_^ u still play? I haven't logged in a looooooong time
    1. lyzia


      Awww no Mr. Nation i don't have time :/ (University) >w<

  9. Still around ^,....,^ ... guess no one cares D:

  10. Post Likes Bug!

  11. I see you finally put a pic of yourself :P