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  1. Well this will be my last post on this server. It was really great playing with some of the best friends one can find. It's time to move on and focus on bigger things in my life. To my friends:
    Socawarrior, Harry, Cowheelsoup, Crixncheese, Iyzia, Crook, Iduna and those who i forgot i do remember you.

    If you would like to keep in touch i'm available on Steam so add meh: http://steamcommunity.com/id/chinraidenlee/

  2. Just a hai!

    Hi you guys! Glad to see lots of oldies around. How have yall been? Admins might want to revive the post i had with Thread of Threads (thread containing countless links). I can update links once we have content
  3. Are you alive o_o

    1. lyzia


      Mr Nation i'm hereeeee :3

    2. Priestnation


      Great to hear Iyzia ^_^

  4. Guess What

    I'm just messaging to show my presence byee
  5. I was here!! PC crashing when i try to run WoW xD Anyone plays Dota 2?

  6. sup neb :3

    1. Iduna


      Heey, nothing much. How you doing? :)

    2. Priestnation


      nm just buzzing around to see who still play here lol

  7. Wake up wake up!!!

    1. lyzia


      Mr. Nation! I'm here! \^-^/

  8. I'll be around :) Hope the oldies are still around!

  9. ^_^ u still play? I haven't logged in a looooooong time
    1. lyzia


      Awww no Mr. Nation i don't have time :/ (University) >w<

  10. Still around ^,....,^ ... guess no one cares D:

  11. Post Likes Bug!