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  1. CHRIS

    Alright there m8 First child on the way, so long farewell to any free you had. Couple my friends have had kids in the last year or so, a lot of joy... but no free time, and sleep is a luxury. I wish you good luck !
  2. End of an Era

    alright there m8
  3. End of an Era

    A haven't been active here in a long while, but regardless... Credit to those on staff who put the effort in to keep this place running, from managing/owning the server to processing a shit tonne of buff stackers / stat hackers back in the day. To those who interacted with the community etc. Its a pretty thankless job, so thanks for the time you put in. Also shout to my pal, made this place fun for way longer than it should of been.
  4. Don't Open It If Youre A Hater.

    Best thing would be a complete re-branding to go along with that hypothetical new realm
  5. Don't Open It If Youre A Hater.

    The lack of population has very little (well I'm being nice... its next to nothing) to do with perma bans, and more to do with WoC is just straight up outdated. At the height of its population ZA's was way more broken than it is now, but that was the norm with most (if not all) TBC servers. A lack of keeping up with whats expected of a TBC is whats pushed WoC down the shitter, there is no reason for a new player (someone who has invested no playing time already) to choose WoC because there a just way better options out there if you want to play TBC. WoC is stuck in 2008-2009, its needed surgery for the longest time (fix ZA or (even better) another realm). But instead of surgery all its been treated with are bandages. Need to replace players who leave or else server will slowly dwindle to nothingness, there is no reason for new players to join anymore. Unbanning everyone may solve the problem temporarily, but you'll end up in the same situation in a few months-half a year again. And before anyone starts going on about "dat custom woc features/gameplay" ... yeah.... no. That doesn't work anymore, current population shows that.
  6. Merry Xmas Woc

    Hows things ?
  7. Merry Xmas Woc

    have a good day with your loved ones
  8. What are you listening to now?

  9. What are you listening to now?

  10. Faces of WoC

    hahaha! I know those feels, been back to visit the remnants of a counter strike forum I signed up to when I was 14... cringe indeed.
  11. Farewell Ivan 'anee' Krush - 1994-2016. Rest In Peace.

    RIP Ivan You knew aswell as anyone the whole Anelia thing was really really messed up, but I could sort of understand how nice it must've been to have some sort of escape. Was cool to actually get to know the real you a little bit. Ain't spoken to you in a long time, but I do hope you are at truly at peace now. Got an old cold beer in my hand, here's to you Ivan
  12. Another Mixtape.

    https://www.mixcloud.com/vodkabeer/another-one/ Recorded another mix today. Another taste of the underground If you like house/techno/club'ish music, have a listen. Would be nice for a house party if your friends like electronic music If anyone wants to download to put on mp3 players or whatever just reply or send me a message, will give you a link If you have subwoofer, turn 'em up!
  13. What are you listening to now?

    Should definitely check out their releases, they have a bunch of wicked tunes
  14. What are you listening to now?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNbqN9TbdnE these guys smashed 2015