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  1. Why so dead?

    Why is this community so dead?
  2. End of an Era

    Thanks @Satan & CO for your work, and for this beautiful environment you've created. Thanks to all you crazy furry bastards out there whom I've met on this server, from 2010 and counting... you've really made an inpact on me when I was younger. * muffles * Damn you tear, get back in. @Satan I still got you on Steam, if by any chance we share a common game (Dota2 or whatever), we should play from time to time Alright fellas, nice knowing you - my contact information is in my profile if you want to add me or anything, or don't, I don't care (* whispers * I do though). Greetings from @Sllick as well.
  3. Hadn't got the chance to actually congratulate you for your newly acquired position. We had some pretty sick runs, keep up the good work. ;)

  4. Custom Script

    Nice script, but, dunno if it's from pastebin, or not, but that indentation... I mean... it hurts my eyes.
  5. Morottal

    Happy B-day mate. I promise: 1 of the beers tonight will be for your.
  6. Woc Ingame Harlem Shake

    I agree with you on that.
  7. Dps Etc...

  8. Question

    I play there a lot, just played yesterday... wait... IT'S CLOSED. Nonetheless, I would be interested in it if it would be put online once again.
  9. Happy Birthday Bloodfangx

    Who said he's gonna say it again? Anyway, Happy birthday mate ... not to much drinkin' tonight, oki?
  10. Server Down After Dc

    The login server is kinda lazy after the server crashes. Same deal as when it was down, but not by a server DC, when those who were online were ok, but those who wanted to connect couldn't.
  11. Dps Etc...

    You need to be awesome first, than the dmg will come from itself.
  12. Zeqwj)Efiewf Is This Still Applicable.

    Using system function are OS dependent. On another note, C++ is really great, and it's a strong language. I like it very much, though I'm kinda forced to work with Java nowadays. If you do run into trouble, you could ask for help on this site: http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/cpp/8 (for C++), or on StackOverflow. There are multiple ways, depending on what you mean by 'run as a function's code'. In your case: int main() { string stringToCall; cin >> stringToCall; CallString(stringToCall); system("PAUSE"); return 0 } CallString function could be anything, depending on your needs. Say, you could shape CallString so that it actually call a function, or run a command (depending on your OS, and perhaps a little bit of C knowledge).
  13. Ask Satan Thread

    Numerous other... 1st of all, there might be some twitch about it. I had a similar problem with my WIFI on my laptop: it started ok but than it suddenly died. I wasn't sure about this problem, since I had my drivers up-to-date, and my computer recognized my wireless card. I found on a site somewhere on google that you could manually start your WIFI with some sort of program, meant to "revive" the WIFI, every time you would start your PC.
  14. Help Needed.

    hidemyass that's all that I can say about that topic (proxies). Also, I have being using Nod32 combined with Malwarebytes for more than 4 years now, on my PC and also on my work laptop, and I haven't received any viruses so far. But again, Norton is a start (less vouched ones can be Avira/Kaspersky/MSE etc.).