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  1. Hows life goin

  2. Hows life goin

    Hi all , how have yall doin lately
  3. Cigarettes

    Im basicly stopin them,how do you guys handle the struggle , any tips on it? I just know i get realy angry for no reason
  4. Let's Do It! [shop] Nvi Is Back Open!

    Yaaeyh , i had a realy bad shit the recent year,could i hook u up on facebook Chris :S
  5. Let's Do It! [shop] Nvi Is Back Open!

    Keep up the good shit!
  6. Faces of WoC

    incase u missed that handsome sex god
  7. What Are You Eating At This Moment ?

    i eat pusay
  8. Faces of WoC

    Just playin!
  9. Faces of WoC

    moar smex
  10. Faces of WoC

    Hi sumer vibes
  11. April Birthdays

    You mentioned only staff members + Deki. Basicly 3+1. 3 is the number of pyramid corners. coincidence???????
  12. Faces of WoC

  13. [hot] Free Signatures!

    Its obvious im not making anymore signatures due to my inreallife things... I was jobless and poor , now i got a job
  14. [hot] Free Signatures!

    Glad you like them smexy 10x