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  1. How can I change my in-game account passwords?

    There are no in-game accounts. See the following topic: - Terra
  2. What are you listening to now?

    RIP Chester Bennington
  3. End of an Era

    TLDR: WocServer didn't give BFX anything. WocServer originally offered BFX to run the WoW-related stuff, but he declined. What was offered included everything WoW related: databases, website, whatever; WocServer had no further use of these assets. In the closing days of the Zul'aman server, BFX felt bad and changed his mind. He rallied the community and any staff members of the existing Zul'aman server. in post-mortem, he stated he intended on running everything as it had already been run. When he rallied said people, though, he did not include the decision-makers of WocServer in said decision making process; we were not consulted at all. This is/was perceived as a slap in the face. Given his level of trust, BFX was capable of using - the now stolen fork of - WocServer's Zul'aman code because it was on his development machine at the time he made those decisions. To make development easier I, at some point, included a snapshot of Zul'aman's world database in our source code, so that's where he got that from. At the end of the day, whatever he and his project is running is not condoned or supported by WocServer; at one time it would have been; but that's not how it panned out. The way it did happen, though, is the shuttering of offers, support, and affiliation from WocServer. I've let this go under the radar for a month to allow those players wanting to move to do so unhindered; I will not deny them their game. However, this is where the advertisements including that particular project stop. With our move to become more acceptable, we cannot have the advertisements on our network anyway. With that, I'm closing this topic as even this post is outside of the "goodbye topic" this was meant to be. - Terra
  4. Mysteriously Unused Forum Section?

    Isn't that what https://forums.wocserver.org/index.php?/forum/88-legendary-threads-forum/ is for? - T
  5. End of an Era

    We have a pending business relationship with the owner of ... project. Until a decision is made, I'll continue to moderate the forum accordingly. The question is out of my jurisdiction and, even if it weren't, the answer is very complicated. - T
  6. Woc Minecraft Server

    We're playing on the pack you started building that lighthouse in the jungle on. It has Twilight Forest (the version where you have to progress a certain way to get to the other bosses). - T
  7. Woc Minecraft Server

    Construction in Progress on FTB Infinity Evolved (ftb-ie.woc-mc.com) ...
  8. GM, please can you give me the ED shirt

  9. Terra can u tell me the email of my acc mALO.aUBAVO please..

  10. Hello terra i have a problem with me acc usser kadiimus i diddnt remeber the pw can u give me i need to say goodbye :)

  11. Woc Minecraft Server

    The vanilla Minecraft 1.11.2 server is up at vanilla.woc-mc.com. It's not white-listed, but has grief protection and a few other not-configured plugins I'll get around to later. The /home /spawn /rtp and /back commands are still pending. I see they're separate mods; I'll probably implement as a self-hosted plugin. EDIT: the bold text isn't at you, Persevere; just making it easier to see. I'd be up for hosting and playing on FTB Inifinity Expert, but I imagine latency would be an issue for you and you friends (if they wanted to join). The server machine we're renting is in New Jersey at the moment. How is the latency for you on the Vanilla server? - T
  12. Woc Minecraft Server

    Are you still playing on that server? I was doing some research on FTB Infinity; it looks like a small-to-moderate amount of players are currently playing overall. I personally liked FTB Infinity. Are you suggestion normal or expert mode? - T
  13. Woc Minecraft Server

    Probably tomorrow. I need to rent another IP address because we have shortened domain name for the MC server(s). Technical stuff. Thanks for asking. The server I'll be deploying will be Vanilla 1.11. I plan on adding server-sided plugins into it over time, but nothing that would effect the game play: commands like /claim, /rtp, /spawn, /home, and /back. Should be a rather transparent process. You were white-listed on the original server, right? I don't want to throw something up without you being able to connect, but I also don't want to make it public with /claim (grief protection) available either. - T Edit: All of these things are stepping-stones to greatness.
  14. End of an Era

    As Satan has said, we deeply regret having come to this decision. Closing the Zul'aman server has nothing to do with population counts or the difficulty of developing on a ruthlessly "broken" core; we would run this server indefinitely were it possible to do so. The reason for the closure comes down to the payment gateways not wanting to do business with us. And since that Nigerian prince still hasn't sent me the millions he told me I had to my name; I'm just not able to hold the financial weight anymore. After closing Zul'aman, I'm hoping we can keep at least the community itself alive. Maybe it'll just serve as a place for people to come and learn about the fate of our flagship realm or maybe people will decide to post in the Social or Show Room forums. To this extent, I proposed we start a Minecraft cluster to hopefully use monies earned from it to keep the community alive. Hosting servers for Minecraft is legitimate; payment gateways would have no reason to abstain from doing business with us. If we could use that fulcrum to become stable, who knows where we'll end up next? I know Minecraft is absolutely not WoW; not by a long shot. Such a decision is like to infuriate several. Even though this is my idea, I'm totally with you on that. Deploying Minecraft is nothing more than a brain-child of preservation. If you want nothing to do with it, I totally understand. I encourage you to check the forums from time to time as there is no telling what the future may bring. If do you happen to be into Minecraft, please visit this topic. I would greatly appreciate any input that might lead to its success. I would also like to build, explore, and conquer next to you in the various worlds of blocks we are sure to visit. Best regards and deep regrets, - Terra
  15. Woc Minecraft Server

    No. Why would you think that? - T