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  1. Woc Discord ?

    I have never liked Mumble, also Mumble servers aren't free... Discord is just the new program on the block... Could you get me an invite link maybe? ^^
  2. Woc Discord ?

    Hey, came here to see if there is any official discord server here but did not see any... So if you don't know what discord is, it's an voice chat program with similarities to TeamSpeak and Skype... There are a lot of different uses for discord, for example r/wow has it's own, many classes has also their own server, a lot of streamers that you may watch maybe has their own discord server... Best of it all, it's completely free... Would love see one official WoC discord... // Belden
  3. Farewell Ivan 'anee' Krush - 1994-2016. Rest In Peace.

    RIP, he and I did not know each other very well but we played in same guild for a while... May he rest in peace...
  4. since bfx marked out our posts in my thread, couldnt see what server u was mentioning, so... where do you play? do you know if malbidion still plays?

  5. since bfx marked out our posts in my thread, couldnt see what server u was mentioning, so... where did all the players go to? you know if malbidion still plays?

  6. Tropical Cyclone Warnings..

    did you get hit by this satan oO? are you alive? D: hehe take care
  7. Sicsixsic 3 Frostfire Mage Pvp 4V1S, 3V1S, 2V1

    wont let me play it, lala wmg wont lala play it lalala
  8. When Woc Players Meet Black Op Players.

    better than first post, and @first post, oooooooooold
  9. Slap Bets Are Awesome

    hahah, i loved when he switched hand and got ya keep it up, moar vids pls
  10. Leaving WoC.

    sorry double post, my net fucked up
  11. Leaving WoC.

    @up, if im not wrong, call is playing again oO
  12. Yes

    whats that for a game?
  13. Show your UI

    wat add0n iz das yuo use for dmg for each spell and the map addon? tell me tell me
  14. Back and forth.

    nubb boifrind