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  1. April Birthdays

    hi eric
  2. Until We Meet Again.

    Take care m7+1
  3. Happy Chris Days.

    Happy birthday m7+1
  4. See You Guys Take Care

    Why are you copying my name /sigh
  5. What are you listening to now?

  6. Faces of WoC

    you are the ugliest guy in woc, so please
  7. Faces of WoC

    right better looking than you anytime, anyday
  8. Faces of WoC

    quality is kinda shit, but whatever
  9. Faces of WoC

    Them guns tho
  10. Faces of WoC

    still a kid as i can see
  11. Faces of WoC

    cuccy, nobody wants to see your ugly face, please
  12. Project Jeszhara

    .join gm_sync_channel no hakerino wen gm onlin
  13. Project Azshara Faq

    are EDs going to be able to buy everything except artifacts and legendaries?
  14. Happy Birthday Umbra

    Happy birthday mate, i wish you the best <3
  15. Project Jeszhara

    Nice one umbra, keep up the good work mate <3