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  1. yeah, and the best plot twist ever, I owned the server D:
  2. To be honest, Cuccy, it's not the server's, nor the players fault it took you 5 years to figure out that you don't like the game you're playing (or you played). You should be mad at yourself, because YOU wasted your time, but considering you're still a kid, it's not that uncommon seeing you flame here and trash talking.
  3. This was inevitable.. I'm just sorry that I'm not able to log just for one last time.. :< Sorry to see this happen, but yeah, life goes on; the feeling is weird, knowing that when I get home in a month I won't be able to log onto WoC.even for a couple of minutes.. Shotout to all Staff members, current and the previous ones, thanks for your time, patience and will to keep things running - you guys are also the reason WoC was as special as it was and you guys always tried your best to give a fair judgment and didn't make exceptions for those who abused the rules (best example is the wide server WPE ban when core players got banned). I had a really fun and an amazing time here at WoC. Met a XY number of people, few of them even in person.. Even though I stopped playing, I never stopped lurking the forums, checking what's going on and trying to contribute if I could. For the end, I got a proposition - if anyone has any memorable material it would be nice to send it to someone who has time and knowledge to make a short WoC aftermovie, I reckon that would be a nice way to say one last goodbye to the server. It's just a proposition so if anyone is interested, good luck! Cheers and I hope to see WoC, someday, back online again!
  4. aight, top 3^^^
  5. you're in my top 5 favorite internet people pedro
  6. Figured as much. Thanks for the fast response though. =D
  7. Heya, nice to see something's changed, I guess my first impression isn't the best because I was so used to the old forums look but I figure that in time I'll enjoy this version even more than the previous ones I just got a quick question; Is there a way to change the color or to customize the background, like we could with the previous version? The white background is really killing my eyes D: Cheers ps I explored the new forum and it's options a bit and it's pretty dope
  8. studying abroad atm, got a scholarship in Russia and it's cold as fuck here even though it's May
  9. hi from Moscow
  10. uefalona
  11. uefalona
  12. why did I even think this wasn't wow related