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  1. End of an Era

    yeah, and the best plot twist ever, I owned the server D:
  2. End of an Era

    To be honest, Cuccy, it's not the server's, nor the players fault it took you 5 years to figure out that you don't like the game you're playing (or you played). You should be mad at yourself, because YOU wasted your time, but considering you're still a kid, it's not that uncommon seeing you flame here and trash talking.
  3. End of an Era

    This was inevitable.. I'm just sorry that I'm not able to log just for one last time.. :< Sorry to see this happen, but yeah, life goes on; the feeling is weird, knowing that when I get home in a month I won't be able to log onto WoC.even for a couple of minutes.. Shotout to all Staff members, current and the previous ones, thanks for your time, patience and will to keep things running - you guys are also the reason WoC was as special as it was and you guys always tried your best to give a fair judgment and didn't make exceptions for those who abused the rules (best example is the wide server WPE ban when core players got banned). I had a really fun and an amazing time here at WoC. Met a XY number of people, few of them even in person.. Even though I stopped playing, I never stopped lurking the forums, checking what's going on and trying to contribute if I could. For the end, I got a proposition - if anyone has any memorable material it would be nice to send it to someone who has time and knowledge to make a short WoC aftermovie, I reckon that would be a nice way to say one last goodbye to the server. It's just a proposition so if anyone is interested, good luck! Cheers and I hope to see WoC, someday, back online again!
  4. Forum Changes

    aight, top 3^^^
  5. Forum Changes

    you're in my top 5 favorite internet people pedro
  6. Forum Changes

    Figured as much. Thanks for the fast response though. =D
  7. Forum Changes

    Heya, nice to see something's changed, I guess my first impression isn't the best because I was so used to the old forums look but I figure that in time I'll enjoy this version even more than the previous ones I just got a quick question; Is there a way to change the color or to customize the background, like we could with the previous version? The white background is really killing my eyes D: Cheers ps I explored the new forum and it's options a bit and it's pretty dope
  8. What Are You Doing Nowadays

    studying abroad atm, got a scholarship in Russia and it's cold as fuck here even though it's May
  9. Faces of WoC

    hi from Moscow
  10. With Faith Everything Can Be

  11. Barcelona - Psg

  12. Post A Pic Of Youre Best Parkour Climb

    why did I even think this wasn't wow related
  13. Personal Title