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  1. Guess Who's Back

  2. Guess Who's Back

    I'm not. Use protection, I'm a dad now.
  3. Faces of WoC

  4. Our good old Ivan also known as Herbye died tonight. His long time muscular dystrophy got the best of him at 21 years old. I thought some people here should know. His friends will miss him.
  5. What are you listening to now?

  6. Project Jeszhara

    It has been almost ready for 6 months. That doesn't mean much.
  7. Project Jeszhara

    lol thats bs
  8. Project Azshara Faq

    Oh, so the item transfer is not name locked too, I naively always assumed that...
  9. Project Azshara Faq

    Is AZ one big conspiracy just so people keep coming here?
  10. Faces of WoC

    Wait, what's stupid, having a speed limit or no speed limit? It works in germany because people respect passing lanes, in places where driving isn't as orderly and driving is considered a god given right and any fool can drive it would be disastrous.
  11. Memories Of Woc

  12. Memories Of Woc

    I thought I had lost everything but I just found my old photobucket acc hohoho it's a wonderful of mix of SSs of people WPEing, UI failures and successes and cybering. I'll post after I go through it all.
  13. What's Going On?

    When Spanish was at its peak here, there were some very decent raids where everyone spoke spanish.
  14. What's Going On?

    I wouldn't worry about that, as long as there's enough of a start population the current "bad players" will have to adapt to get past Kara and the working mechanics will anchor more people that pass by, and if pvp still isn't crazy imbalanced, even with custom gear.
  15. Project Jeszhara

    Leaving combat after 6 seconds even with DoTs on. Maybe any other, now fixed, ZA bug. Like not being able to morph out of blind or demonic sacrifice working properly or haste with channeled spells.