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  1. End of an Era

    I can feel a big one is coming <3
  2. equest for add items

    now, all players in woc becoming nawafs
  3. Ideas for improvement

    My facebook stalker. :V
  4. End of an Era

    Everyone that's my friend through this game. I love you all <3 Please don't forget me. :'(
  5. Woc Minecraft Server

  6. What Are You Doing Nowadays

    what is porn? :\
  7. What Are You Doing Nowadays

    typical Kele.
  8. What Are You Doing Nowadays

    WoC + gf = bist
  9. Don't Open It If Youre A Hater.

    If perma-banning will be removed, well.. it's cool but let the GM's think this post over.. nice idea, kimtot
  10. Za New Staff

    April fools day. rofl
  11. Project Jeszhara

    I can't wait for the surprise!! :D
  12. A Sentimental And Touchy Guy

    Happy birthday Fely!
  13. Project Jeszhara