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  1. Za New Staff

  2. Pr

    I assume you're speaking of Azshara.In all honesty the project was put into second priority and ZA(Zul'Aman) into main priority the reason behind that is the current base couldn't/didn't want to test on the new properly scripted realm due to it requiring some brain usage and class knowledge...As of what I've read in the forums and heard by other GMs AZ isn't completely scraped out and maybe just maybe one day it'll make it's way into WoC's realms.
  3. Guess Who's Back. Back Again!

    Yeah guess she was refering to Death lol Also welcome back!
  4. Lf Kadir

    I don't know his main profile or the profile he uses you morons and he already messaged me on Skype and thanks to jazz because he actually tried/helped unlike the other people
  5. Lf Kadir

    Well topic title pretty much says who I'm looking for so if you see this topic please pm me here or message on Skype, thanks. P. S Didn't really know where to put the topic so I thought social is the best place to put in, if it's not please move the topic.
  6. Woc Discord ?

    https://discord.gg/HA5DE There you go.
  7. Woc Discord ?

    I don't have it myself, but I'll ask someone that does, I'll reply when he does as well D:
  8. Woc Discord ?

    Actually, there is a discord channel/server but it's not official(at least it wasn't created by a staff member)
  9. Request To Our Gm'sfor A Pve Event

    I have seen them and yes you do (LOL).Everyone needs more on alts because that's the mentality here.
  10. Wow Expansions

    wotlk would be awesome!
  11. Request To Our Gm'sfor A Pve Event

    I'll have to agree on this one with Killermaco.People are wanting Keivan or any other boss spawning/event running gm to get promoted just for self gain.You people are just pathetic...The idea of this post is not to bring players or more fun to the server, but just another artifact to someone's bag and don't tell me you didn't secretly hope the reward to this event to be something less, Aioni. So you have never made a single argument in this topic and you call someone an idiot?And then you don't even give a single reason why you called him an idiot, that only proves you're the simpleton.On a sidenote I don't mind you running these events or anything but at least make it challenging.Oh and as far as I know tower of nightmares is still up, but nobody tries it because it's not as easy as to press 1-2.
  12. [test] Woc Logo

    Can you leave a phone number?I'd like go buy a flying carpet when I get rich enough.
  13. I Think We Missing Someone Like Unfi

    aHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH epic fail...the place is auberdine
  14. I Think We Missing Someone Like Unfi

    If you're an Undead there's a ship near Brill, and there's a ship in aubergine(Auberdine/epic fail/) for NE
  15. [wpe Report] Mrora

    Happy Birthday!