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  1. End of an Era

    If I had found it I would've posted a push quoting where I mentioned him. You know I would But I might have deleted it because I necroed some topics after this topic came out in ways of reminiscing. And then deleted because nobody replied to them ;( I quoted a post of him and then said |Lol, MisterH, I forgot about him. | Latest mentions of mine : Zebrakiller and Raa. B4 Any1 Says I didn't give a shoutout to them w/o proof as well Just kidding... We're as long as you are here Tear, we remember ! ! !
  2. End of an Era

    I finally found out how to reply after a week or two (by using the button which is now on the top of the page.. I thought my user was bugged. Cool. You're late Tear.. I mentioned him in one of my necroed topics.
  3. Mysteriously Unused Forum Section?

    Yes but this is from 2010. Idk when that came to existence and that forum section was visible to the public. This wasn't..
  4. Mysteriously Unused Forum Section?

    It's time this topic came public. See what I was talking about in 2010. We could've stored old topics in there for when times like this came and they'd be interesting. Just like having lots of free AOL disks, you can find any and put them to use.. (crystals for tables..or other interesting ideas!) Ok I'm actually making that owl
  5. End of an Era

    < 3 It's a pleasure to ban Cuccy lol.
  6. End of an Era

    Wow lol is this happening. =) Hi Mysterious Canadian Woman. Yeah so much has happened since then But we're still Jus'Gamers
  7. End of an Era

    This is the best topic in a while until certain r***** ruined it. Is why we have rules. And there will always be another/new ones ~ ~ I remember when I was making my own custom gifs. for this forum. Now everything is on the interwebs =(
  8. This Time, My Goodbye Is Real

    Smeg we had it back then, we still have it, let's do it like they do it on the discovery channel <3
  9. End of an Era

    I haven't banned anyone in a while. It could be your end. Don't push my limits.
  10. Flame Bosnians!

    Where's Zebra right And Raa the mage <3
  11. I'm on a necro spree. Back off. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. modX


      It wasn't intended as telling someone what to do =( 

      I guess that was the first thing that popped in my head ~  ~ ~ ~ Don't back off? :) 

      Don't interpret that as telling someone what to do too :(

      I'm just a mod :(

    3. Bloodfangx


      How can you be sure you're a mod if your sand is not real.

    4. modX


      My sand is v much real 


  12. Astral Projection

    Yeah I was experimenting too much on this forum.
  13. This Time, My Goodbye Is Real

    Where are these threads right? Imma necro some more.