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  1. WoW Classic announcement

    Well it's been quite some time since I visited these forums and only just found out that the game is offline as well rip WoC Anyway yesterday Blizzard announced WoW Classic servers, no release date yet but I'm definitely going to play. Anyone else here also going to try it out and how do you feel about Blizzard finally bringing the oldschool servers back? Would be nice if some players of this server would join together. (Too bad I can't bring my Echeyakee look with me )
  2. Hey could you look at your mails ingame about 4.0.6? ;)

  3. GJ with the Report section today! :) I first thought that something was wrong, when I saw that there were only a few topics left in there xD

  4. New Expansion Announced

    If you want story, I would suggest you to try some bioware games. But pheh, I'm not quite sure what to think about this expansion. I could only think about how it looked too much like the kung fu panda movies and I missed the connection to wow.
  5. Star Wars The Old Republic Testing

    I guess you were talking about the mail for testing... but I don't think I'll get one soon, since i live in the netherlands Most likely I'll also leave wow to play swtor as soon as it comes out. Unless the monthly price to pay is to high

    Happy birthday Qsa! ^^ Have fun on this nice day... with some cool dc's ingame... a bit of lag.. maybe some endless pie?
  7. Ask Satan Thread

    Do you often check your pm's on the forum? * hint hint *