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      Please help spread the word: the username of your Forums account is different from its display name, the display name has become your username.  #UpgradeWoes
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      Members should once again be able to start new topics in the Social/Show room forums.


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  1. Question.

    Forum staff are able to set warning levels for all members, and if your account was "banned" that way (forum staff are able to suspend posting privileges for any amount of time) there's the possibility that they also gave a reason why the warning level was changed, but that is optional. And that's only if your account wasn't just moved straight into the Banned or Exiled & Purged member groups.
  2. Faces of WoC

    Where's my lick you slut?
  3. Faces of WoC

    Only every day. <3
  4. Faces of WoC

    I knew someone would say something about that. But at least it was someone I know, rather than some random that doesn't even know me. But then again, you could say I already have been called out on the way I look. /shrug. Anyway... Surprised to see so many familiar faces. What the fuck is up?
  5. Faces of WoC

    Excuse me?
  6. Faces of WoC

    Better than my reception last time.
  7. Quick Question

    There is a "tanzer_tank" that is not banned, but there is no "tanzertank" without the underscore.
  8. Faces of WoC

    Did you miss me? all 4 u bby. :kiss:
  9. Faces of WoC

    http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/2416/65416871314asd41873d1fw.png http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/8363/29645120777442554411000.jpg Hi.
  10. What are you listening to now?

  11. Happy birthday, have a good one.

  12. Hi.

  13. Hi.

    u mad breh? According to your smiley; you're very mad. Mission accomplished.
  14. Hi.

    You lose, Mower of then Lawns. True... But wasn't it there for a reason?
  15. Hi.

    No, you get on my level. Hi.