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  1. Boo

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Moiraines


      Looks like we need some of Khan's blood then.

    3. modX


      I'll just play along because I have watched some of it but can't yet make references ~ 

    4. Solias


      Rumor has it that I may know how to contact him.

  2. Seaking, Fuckyeah

  3. Seaking, Fuckyeah

    Ya'll made a pokemon thread w/o me? http://puu.sh/2XjoL
  4. (Un)Official League Of Legends Thread

    Carry me out of bronze my knight in shining armor. Look at this shit I have to put up with http://puu.sh/37TS5.png Sucks when the support makes the same amount as their ADC http://puu.sh/37VaL.png
  5. (Un)Official League Of Legends Thread

    Look at this son of a bitch in platium and wont even duo queue with me.
  6. Tera Online Goes Free To Play

    I think I need a faster processor or some shit. Aside from the massive server lag on tempest reach I play gw2 on higher settings. Infact I have character models on the highest they can go and its still something like 2x anti-aliasing.
  7. Hi hi hi cadmas, whatcha been up to

  8. We Skype Now!

    Msn messager is going Bye bye. http://www.examiner.com/article/say-good-bye-to-msn-messenger Also its my birthday today.
  9. The Private Server To End All Private Servers

    Needs Dubstep.
  10. The Private Server To End All Private Servers

    xXxShadowninjakakashixXx I loved the part where hes trying to turn and just goes "fuck it" zoom in on the equipment window.
  11. (Un)Official League Of Legends Thread

    Hit me up with that collab If you're on NA.
  12. (Un)Official League Of Legends Thread

    Ye, I know but that's not like a big deal or anything.
  13. (Un)Official League Of Legends Thread

    Anybody got a gold team on NA? I can't be asred to grind up 300 elo.
  14. Hi, i am lurking on your profile to say Hi.

    That is all good day to you.

  15. Oh, thats not good :S