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  1. Whatever it was, it wasn't in the search results. http://i.imgur.com/gp1YLEQ.png
  2. Good to hear. Other private servers simply close down everything. Yo. edit: shoutout to MisterH, a person nobody else seems to remember
  4. If you can think of a better topic title, I'm open to suggestions. I don't like important threads (like server status) being spammed to hell.
  5. Yeah maybe making ED not available for a month~two, or just a small amount of vendors to start with, might be a good idea. I like it.
  6. You could probably pay for banner with a personal account, it's not much.
  7. Lmao you wrote the exact same thing up while I was editing my post.
  8. On current ZA core, you can use a macro to get huge stacks of say, 400 poison. Idk if possible on new core. I would like to see this change too. Edit: I forgot there is a bug on ZA if you have potion/flask spec alchemy, you can create stacks larger than 5, and when combined with other 6+ stacks of flasks, you can make single stacks of 200 flasks.
  9. Moira, shadowkitten, weezus
  10. Thank fuck. As intended.
  11. I finally went through and read all 30+ pages. I'm fond of the idea of "fresh start", except for donations. I don't think any records exist of donations from 7 years ago though... so it probably can't be done. So like others said, if you wanna start fresh, make a new char. Attunements will force "super geared" characters to go through all the early content anyway. I like the idea of attunements. What if TX/T8 gear was locked at the start of server release? I.e. TX/T8 items need level 71 (to prevent the guys who moved their gear over from using it), no TX/T8 vendors in ED for the first few months. Idk. Revamp the travel master. Wanted to go to Arathi Highlands today and it took forever. Vote/Donate store overhaul. Are the t0.5 and t1.5 sets necessary in the store? Why not make them a quest or a vendor that costs tokens of some sort in game? etc Remove class restrictions from weapons. More variety is good. And it means my mage can walk around with a warglaive of azzinoth again, ayy. Also remove "unique" from thunderfury so we can dual-weild them again. That artifact with "melee critical avoidance rating". ?? What. Make it Defense or Resiliance rating. Questions: What will happen to old grandfathered items like extra sockets? I would prefer it if all items were equal. Any plans for titles? Quests? An NPC? Will the "Azshara crater" map ever be used? Are custom gems possible? More than two professions? (please). Will the AQ and broom mounts no longer be instant? Will releasing after you die and running back into the instance while a boss is in combat be fixed?
  12. Would be nice to see travel master revamped. Walking all the way to arathi highliands is a pain in the butt. Gonna be fun to see pubs have to gem properly for meta sockets...whole bunch of working new stuff. Exciting.
  13. Even if only 10% of players fill in the captcha, that's better than 0%.
  14. We used to have server announcements reminding people to vote. And I think soft-blocking the travelmaster with "you haven't voted in 12 hours" is one of the most clever things I've seen here.
  15. Yeah I meant to say embedded frame. I dunno how it will work exactly, but I'm hoping somehow it will be effective.