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  1. What's Going On?

    its down to satan terra end of the day (server owners) but where are they?...
  2. What's Going On?

    being a pedo is a busy life? i would have never known
  3. Woc Catfish

    she has an acc was on not long ago shimah logged too
  4. Woc Catfish

    Perky is a guy I knew that since the start xDDDDD owned
  5. Project Jeszhara

    profs should be capped at 2 and not migrated so woc rebuilds an economey. also gems should not be sold in ED (epic) they should be farmable
  6. Stephen Hawking

    I'm not sure if anyone is interested but 10/10 it's fantastic. it's about Stephen Hawkins life and how he got MND (motor neuron disease the foundation the ice bucket challenge was for) and how he has surpassed the average mnd sufferers he was given one year to live but he has outlived it drastically he is literally one of the greatest mathematicians to have ever lived. It explores his mind states and gives you a bit of an insight on how he became who he is. We owe alot to this guy and its simply sad how people take the piss. This film also made him cry as he remembered all of this it's a sad thing but I hope he lives a full life and is forever remembered. Scientific genius aswell as a hero. Not for the light hearted made me cry a little this guy is a true legend! Live long and prosper.
  7. Project Jeszhara

    Hopefully ZA will be burned out of existence and then we will all party like madmen around a glistening fire.
  8. Question About Az

    You cannot change faction only race.
  9. Azshara - Starting Over

    I prefer smegwave aka sound wave jaja Or hotrod so I can have stan bush you got the touch on repeat
  10. Azshara - Starting Over

    I'm going to be on a shad priest /holy whatever is needed at the time. I'm glad you brought this up aswell can we make it the same for crafted gear aswell?
  11. Azshara - Starting Over

    I don't have a phone
  12. Azshara - Starting Over

    Name it pooper scoopers
  13. Azshara - Starting Over

    i call hotrod or rodimus prime
  14. Azshara - Starting Over

    I am Dps np
  15. Happy Birthday Taite

    i dont like you