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  1. Sup Yall

    hey whats up and yeah figured might as well just necro my old one instead of making a second 'sup I'm lurkin thread'. buhaha. glad to see this place is still kicking. I logged on last night. some geared pally dueled me and I won. first duel in years. ally pop still makes me sad.
  2. Sup Yall

    Life still crazy. Attempting to drop in soon.
  3. still lurking!!!! <3 :3

  4. Woc Facebook.

  5. Sup Yall

    I'm larger than a smurf ^^ been working full time and learning to blow glass also have my own minecraft server lol miss you guys
  6. Sup Yall

    What's goin on yoo? been a minute life is crazy.
  7. Must See

    Saw it, was entertaining, but I'm not a huge fan. It's just too hyped-fanboyed-trendy for me. That's an opinion.
  8. Retail Players

    Try this page: https://us.battle.net/account/management/wow-account-conversion.xml
  9. Random Newfags

    They came here to see me.
  10. Serious Lols.

    I know one at my work.
  11. Diablo 2

    If he downloads the game files that's pirated. Which is easy enough to do. It's somewhat-easy to also find a key, knowing people helps, it's not hard to play Diablo II on battle.net illegitimately. Or just fork out the cash for the Battle Chest, and have your own set of keys without worrying about someone else getting them banned.
  12. Diablo 2

    You can play on battle.net with a pirated copy aslong as it's an uncracked, unmodified exe, and the cd-key used to install the game is in good standing with battle.net. There's still a large community following for Diablo 2 on battle.net, but you'll have to pick up the expansion pack and a valid key for it too.
  13. Girl Trouble. Help Ftw?!

    You're young, if you and her can't work things out and build trust then drop her, it's not worth the heartache.
  14. Post Your Bud.

    Should of done a successful google.