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  1. CHRIS

  2. End of an Era

    You will lose your money But I do not want my money back If you are thinking about closing this FUCKIN RETARD new forums PFJ....The quote disappeared... Not you bud.
  3. End of an Era

    I joined to give my kids and myself a way to connect on a different level. We made many friends. A year later I applied for Staff and was shocked to be accepted. Granted not many knew why I was given staff then but I tried my best to be there for each member the best I could. Over the years I advanced eventually made Admin. It's been wonderful to watch many mature to adulthood. I have learned a great deal and made some very good friends. I will cherish the memories made here on our beloved server. I know everyone will do the same. All great things must end. It's been an honor to have been part of this great place. Thank you for having me. Volanz`
  4. In Need Of Help

    There are no players on the account .
  5. Happy Birthday

    Thanks guys... My internet is still on and off ... no stability what so ever.
  6. It's Terra's Birthday Today!

    happy birthday!
  7. Don't Open It If Youre A Hater.

    Ok ok.... First things first....The delayed staff appointments is 100% my fault. For the past 3 weeks my internet connection has been totally fucked.... When I get connection it might be for 1 minute or 1000 Minutes​....Then it drops out anywhere from 10 seconds to +\- 48 hours.... Totally random.... It fucking blows.... That said...I can't get any work done.... Currently I'm tasked with 2 critical things....One of which is staff/server rules updates......2nd has to do with Staff Administration stuff... So let's talk about this amnesty idea.... This is not a New idea...The staff has discussed this idea many times...The main problem with "amnesty" is players who have ill-gotten items via fraud/abuse/cheating/WPE.... WoC is not going to release accounts with players that are geared with illegally obtained items.... Ok so.....why don't we wipe the inventory on these players.,.. That doesn't work well because it is a huge amount of work....Also how do we decide what players on an account obtained items illegally and what ones didn't ......The only way a mass amnesty would work is if every ban related to exploitation of instances or bosses (FRAUD/WPE BANS/HACKING INSTANCES/ETC...) have their inventory's wiped....But that's not necessarily fair either.... But once my network troubles are mitigated, I hope to expedite these tasks delegated to me..... There will be changes in banning policies. However the extent and application of these changes is still being discussed. So lets not speculate on this nor inject your own personal opinions. We are aware of all of these current problems and are working towards fair and adequate resolution. Volanz
  8. What are you listening to now?

  9. Cigarettes

    I know some guys who did the nicotine patches and it worked out for them ....
  10. Cigarettes

    I quit , quitting ... I stopped smoking cigarettes when they got to be $10.00 bucks a pack. I smoke cigars now... Not a final solution but I'm saving lots of cash. I don't smoke as much, that's a big plus but I doubt any Doctor would say trading off is good even if i smoke less.
  11. Weezeus

    Whoops... I didn't mean to post a selfie
  12. Weezeus

    I got you a 6 pack for your party..... Enjoy......
  13. Personal Title

    PC Volanz....
  14. Which Do You Wanna See

    You guys into Anime have most likely seen this.... I liked it even though some reviews were less than positive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1PXifFCNNk