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  1. End of an Era

  2. Don't Open It If Youre A Hater.

    But you can not donate from all the countrys ? im macedonian so how do i get an ed if not asking a mate to share it with me ? I had a ed which i lent to a friend and his friend jenny (asoka / sendita ,ye) used exploit and made all the accounts get banned, later jenny made ban appeal saying she didnt do anythingn only she played from internet caffee and her ip was linked so she got ban and unfi unbanned her ,wait wait did unfi even have evidence of her abusing ?? or he only banned her because her ip was linked to abuser ? than why didnt i get my account unbanned too or even my friend ? we both made apply and we got denied "shared with ip hacker" but the actually wper didnt get ban .... woc works like that fuck you all yes im cuccy
  3. Merry Christmas

    Bobi you are the most twofaced asshole i`ve met on this server for these 4 years here,in-game asking me for invites to my raids,asking me to make onyxia brd and help him and on forums hating on me i have no words to describe you,people like you should be burnt in the square if by everyone you mean tdd pedro bobidickzor tode helisshit you are retarded aswell
  4. Hi, Nothing More! :)

    I think it was not in Social.a GM must have moved it,if not than my bad sry @ Haterzz do you think this will keep the community alive ? = D
  5. Hi, Nothing More! :)

    Lol this Zanga....bro why do you always show some shit on the forums...do you think the players will be like omg wtf you so pro how did u do that omg...that shit is old and everybody knows that...........and right now I am thinking for what is this topic about,should we all say now hi or anything or just wait for a gm to close the topic after some time.... And also there are like 3 topic for random screen shots you should have posted in one of them
  6. Omen

    Go to moonglade there are quests for it,you can get some fun chests or like endless pie 1 coin = 6 or 8 uses cant remember