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  1. End of an Era

    its pleasure to see elphni sad
  2. End of an Era

    Jovanov you are rat i can give you some cheese dont be sad
  3. End of an Era

    Jovanov go dig your hole and hide rat we dont care about your fun hahaha noob
  4. End of an Era

    not letting paladin get illi's belt convincing how mail is better and giving it to someone else even a paladin had the highest roll that proved everything brooo
  5. End of an Era

    No i didnt say i dont like wow as a game , i do and i still play WOW not fucking woc thats the difference i wasted my time because i thought woc was actually wow,it was my first server so i didnt know what real wow is and since you started,its obvious you enjoyed playing here having a gm defending your back all those years is cool isnt it? making your own rules in raids and not getting banned but if it was someone else than "rules are same for everyone no tolerating" good it died fucking woc shit of a server.
  6. End of an Era

    ja ena nisam tvoj zin zapamti too
  7. Sorry For Best

    From time to time check my channel my videos will last forever (:
  8. End of an Era

    Theonlysadp you are the one whos crying over a shit server ? begging gms and sucking satans dick to keep the server because you dont have anything else to do in your so called "life" fucking lifeless twat im suprised you didnt suicide already
  9. End of an Era

    I started Woc when i was 11 and it was my first server,cuz i didnt have Wow installed in my pc and i was too noob to install it everyday i would go to the internet caffee and spent all my money there playing ,when they gave me money to eat in school id save them so i can go to the net cafe and play woc after a year or more i took my computer to the caffe and the guy installed the game for 2 euros only and i was spending like 2.5 euros everyday before that i was so young to get things back than.However after that i became Wow addicted,when i get at 7 am for school id vote on 5 accounts than go to school all time thinking about woc and farming sd,usually id get around 1 pm from school and than i would sit in front of the pc and play like a hmmm no word to describe i would play until 2/3 am every night and than go to bed,in the morning id look like a monster due to lack of sleep but i was retarded it was ok to me,a lot of times i stayed up alll night until 7 am than i go to sleep at age ~13.Cuz i was playing everyday like 15hours per day its obvious i got all the top end gear really quick but than i got banned for calling tode a faggot,i was kid back than i didnt respect rules nor i had some respect towards older people than me,i started again from 0 again made tons of accounts and characters played like a tard got banned again for arena farming,than i put a dot i said no more hacking im going to play like a fair player and started from 0 again farming all those shits i lost i had like 30 accounts each tons of characters but i was older than like 15/16 i started playing cool with a new identity known as "Naughtynurse" later made warr Naughtycow etc,i was cool guy than made tons of friends and people really liked me,so they helped me a lot gearing,after the summer had passed i decided to not lie anymore and say on LFG that im actually Cuccy,a big fucking drama started than,everybody who would "love" me on naughtynrs started hating and flaming me cuz im Cuccy, even tho they knew i wasnt a dick than i really showed respect and kindness they still did,i said fuck it this game is FULL of braindead morons, i made 2 friends and stick to them than ignored everybody else, we than found the spirit stacking shit and we would farm the missing onyxia artis in 2 days i had tc motc di every shit you know,than i got to the point that Woc i mean wow in general is stupid game you spend tons of time playing and when you get everything you dont have anything to do , you can only stick those items in your ass the game didnt have end and by than i was like 16, i realised that i WASTED TONS OF TIME , i was fucking no lifer kid and i still regret playing Woc , it was never good,full of retarded hats looking for attention,playing not for fun but for items ,their greedy asses would never get enough,When i started playing other tbc server where you actually had to level up even after "playing wow",you dont call woc wow do you? for so long i didnt know a fucking leveling zone i was total lost like i never played Wow than i realised that im even more stupid , playing woc thinking i know wow shit while in real wow i got total lost , i started hating that shit server even more , since than i quit playing the shit server called woc ,i would log to chat with friends and that was all , ye sometimes i raid because raiding is fun ,yes raiding not fucking 3 man farming artifacts for a dead server with 50 players online i raid for fun not for items,im glad this stupid kind shit of a server died , i tried to convince a lot of people that this game is only a waste of time and not worth playing,im glad it died,you might be sad because you wont be able to log and stare in your woc horny char to which u fap but trust me in 2 days you`ll find something better and ull say i was retard playing , theres tons of better stuff to do u`ll regret like i do not sure if you would read this much shit but w/e im not gonna type more just gonna say im glad this shit died r.i.p
  10. Guys is anyone going to play warmane tbc ?


    If you start you can hit me on Quimpy alliance mage

    1. _Kele_


      Jazz, Fely, Kadir and I are there, possibly someone else aswell but we on H

  11. End of an Era

    Who cares if they 1 hit bosses? GMs will add every item to X player and they`ll have it all,does it matter if they hack or not? Get nature swiftness on mage stack spell power with wpe and go farm noobs thats fun
  12. equest for add items

    You are not the only player here,if we all asked for few items on few chars like you did it would take whole days for gms to add items to players,why do you need those items? stick to 1 class and master
  13. equest for add items

    Woc greediness never ends
  14. Woc Minecraft Server

    i`ve never played minecraft could anyone tell me if its free and can i play it on windows XP ? also a download link would appreciate thanks
  15. End of an Era

    Anema you are living in some world of illusions its only a game so what if it died ? yea i played here 7 years i played NON STOP ,made tons of friends and learnt new things had both good and bad moments,but i still dont cry i grew balls,wow is just a game yes its sad after so many years of playing we`ll separate but life is not about a pc game there are lots of things to do about my girlfriend,you can only dream of having a big hearted girlfriend like i do,even if she looks like trash can she still will be the best and dearest for me and ill love her @ moro , thanks man you know i always liked you <3 its pleasure to see that in 1000 brainwashed twats theres 1 normal guy,jk u gay