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  1. Said he lost many years in WOC but he is still playing. Is a donor. The saddest thing is that he is still a child who just wastes his time. When the WOC dies again. Say the same
  2. Show me some english boy .Nothing else to attract attention. Learn english. You sound so ridiculous. woc rip
  3. hahahahaha. I am an entrepreneur, my son. I do not live in my parents' pocket. As you understand
  4. You're like a bad bitch. I hit a big cock and I tube it to eat. Hit your ass and not already cry.
  5. The end of the era. https://postimg.org/image/mb39pm167/ https://postimg.org/image/mb39pm167/
  6. I will miss you alot my Hordes and my Alliances. I can only take a bitter drink. To pass this pain. Why the hell does this have to happen?. Thanks to the WOC had left the habit of drinking beer. Today I say goodbye to the woc with a damn drink. Goodbye to all my horrors Goodbye to all my ALLIANCES. HORDAS that are missing in the screenshot CKAOS, SADP, SATALIN, CULERA. ALCARCALIMO, GOOLLUM, ZERNEBOOK, MEDIEVAL, LAVARTY, SADPC, CHAVUCA, REPUTAA, THRANDUIIL and ELLYKEDWARD. ALLIANCES that are missing in the screenshot CHATOMARE, SPANKI, VASTAGO, RASHTA, XALY, FEIHUNG, goodbye to my characters. Thanks dennis for accompanying me in the moments of incursion. I arm my characters the right way. bye. MY HORDAS: https://postimg.org/image/ddox0gi9p/ MY ALLIANCES: https://postimg.org/image/3l0yt74sf/
  7. I will miss you alot my Hordes and my Alliances. I can only take a bitter drink. To pass this pain





  8. Stick the tongue in the ass. damn dog
  9. Good luck to all colleagues. I hope we meet one day again. If it is not on earth ... it will be on the other side
  10. [5] <70:Theonlysadp>: bfx give me  [Might of the Chosen] and  [Crystal of the Frozen Throne] i need. ty 

    1. Brown-Zilit


      LOL he will roll back server

  11. i have plan
  12. BFX GIVEME [Talisman of the Lich King] [Frostmourne] [Demonic Infuser] [Aegis of the Ancients FOR MI PALADIN FASTFIRE
  13. Once again I repeat it if we can support the server on a voluntary basis. I do not want the server to die. But as everything in life has a beginning and an end. But this end is very painful because an act of donations a lack of support is what is killing. The union makes the force so colleagues to join us and support this great server
  14. I am totally grateful for the satan terra work and the other GMs. I pray with all my heart not to close WOW zul love. No matter how much money I am willing to support. The last thing a human loses is faith. I understand for everything that is happening. But I'm sure that like me there are many people willing to support this moment. And if as you say it was the end. Let me say goodbye to my characters To release 1. Theonlysadp acc xdsatalin 2. Sadp acc 21tayson21