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  1. Don't Open It If Youre A Hater.

    Talk about something Related to the TITLE! you are running out of the subject...
  2. Don't Open It If Youre A Hater.

    Why dont they Rewrite the rules..?! we have to compare things.. in few years ago we had enough population and it was not important at all if someone has been banned permanently, But what about nowadays..?! we are falling down day by day.. however i know such a comment is poison to this community but it would be great if higher ranks Decide to Rewrite the rules and do something which is going to be a Super-Great help to this community.. which can make this community alive once again.. Cheers...
  3. Za New Staff

  4. Za New Staff

    Wow, im amazed! Goodluck jazzy and criminal !
  5. Faces of WoC

    Girlish Style! EDIT: Look at that TITS!
  6. Cars

    have you ever Tried them?! They are Awesome! btw, they Fits u EDIT: What a BLACK COCK
  7. Cars

    Well if You See GMC "Giants" You wont love your Sweetie "FORD" anymore
  8. Woc Friends

    the most hellish Guy xD Gratz! you are making Friends there
  9. Woc Friends

    well that fire shows you are hellish! And your friends are heavenly! Maybe thats why you are alone in fire and burning! Hey pal, does it hurts?! xD
  10. Woc Friends

    yeah yeah yeahhhh! Another Dramaaaaaa!
  11. What Phone Are You Using?

    using Samsung Galaxy C-5 At the moment. Well it has a real Cancer in it! I cant Install Google play services Cause it is based in China, and they are using their own Software.. it means This phone is totally useless..(hardware is Awesome tbh). Thinking about J5-2016, not going to pay that much for cellphones!
  12. When Donation Store Will Be Available...?

    24/7? Well by this i found out even you dont know anything lol.
  13. Hi WoC Community! in the last month of 2015 WoC owners Announced Donation Store will be Up for Christmas! I Know there is no any Specified time but we are almost passing the first month of 2017 and nothing happened.. Rebuilding a Site from Scratch is too hard but it isn't as hard as take years.. half of the WoC members are waiting.. Well.. is it going to be up at the end of this month or we've to wait months...? Cheers!
  14. Faces of WoC

    Shortest one. didnt see the last page. he has already replied.