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  1. Hows life goin

    Wrong forum Umbra pal x)
  2. End of an Era

  3. End of an Era

    From 20-25 players to 107+ in like 1 week :> And so many players that I know are not playing cause ”no point now” ~_~ 2 days ago I have seen like 120 players on Unbanning everything just made some players to come back n play here if you keep the server on, the population m8 grow up
  4. 10:50:02 <70:Aellias>: your father is girl 

  5. hy macaron I fyl br0


  6. Des



    1. Basith1


      hahhaah no @Rob no xD

  7. It's Terra's Birthday Today!

    Since he is so inactive we can say R.I.P also Jk #HB
  8. Sup Broddas

    Who is u "REDACTED" ?
  9. Need Some Help

    He is a zombie anyway
  10. What are you listening to now?

    Get to life and less rock zombies
  11. Lachuchuwaza

    Happy Birthday m3ng
  12. Nizam R.i.p 1994-2016

    R.I.P ...