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  1. Wowpsv5

    Killer send me autocast, thanks.
  2. Your WoW Interface

    Chris! <.<
  3. Happy New Year!

    Happy new Year buddys -Andian
  4. Psychedelic Decade

    Trump up?
  5. What are you listening to now?

    G Eazy - I mean it
  6. Your WoW Interface

    What is the Name of this UI?
  7. Small Idea

    Bitch please, this made my day
  8. What are you listening to now?

    Linken Park - Headstrong Linken Park - Headstrong
  9. Change Race

    This makes maybe nonsene. Guys would gear toons up on Horde-site over alt raiding and Transfer them to alliance as Well? This would only be usfull when you get the trashplayers out. Means u need to pay for it, or over vote System like 40-50 credits.
  10. Helperino

    Well, get sure to get 230-250+ spell Hit Rating, the other Gems can be used for spelldmg and haste/crit.
  11. Hello

  12. Look What I Just Found. Lol

    I will Check later if it on Blizzard to o.o
  13. Owners Should Takes A Look At Staff Members...

    Wrong! It's not you're fault. When many friends are online from Fely and they vote fast for him, it's look like it's fair. At all did he not invited more players. Not you leaded the Ashwing, so this point is not you're fault. The only fault maybe you did, was to give him so many times lead, even there are many guys QQ allready over this. At all, you do events and this is a good point. The event yesterday was 100% fair from you. Keep this work up, just take different players as leader, Fely leaded for 2016 allready enough Ashwings.
  14. Owners Should Takes A Look At Staff Members...

    I give you a tip, the Unknow guy is a German guy, or well. Just living in German. And no, its not me. How You see I dont care to say what I think about it.
  15. Faces of WoC

    Gym gym gym pal