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  1. So is time to say goodbye.. i had fun with everyone here.. i met so many people here, is really sad guys..... Kele - really cool guy no doubt BFX - awesome person, always trying to help, enjoyed talking to him Mahsun - one of my best pals here, keep working out m8 Alpay - dps boss, i'll always remember how we met each other was really fun Rob - cool person to talk with, keep lifting bra PFJ - one of the best players here, amazing personality i learned a lot from him about WoW and other stuff (im still confused why this guy wasnt GM for the last 6 years) Keivan - the pr0gr4m3r ... really fun person .. sometimes retarded but still Kadir (PRJ) - good raid leader, most of times really positive, enjoyed raiding with him Vlado (Nightfiend) - one of the best bg pals out there Gakhren - well just Gakhren things, u will always have fun with him in any game Volans - well this guy always tryed to help to everyone, cool but really strange guy... dont drink that much m8 Weezuz - Big Boobie Bae Unfi - 2012. sorry if i missed someone, all the best guys! -Addicated
  2. Well, looks like this is the end.... Thank you STAFF for keeping up this server, there is no doubt that i enjoyed playing here.. /cry /tears (WoC </3) -Addicated
  3. dayum sexy playboy ;p
  4. i feel you bro =D
  5. lot of stuff
  6. wish u everything cool brah...
  7. Happy b-day, all the best m8
  8. Im the guy on left ... yes im ugly... and skinny.. but still.... i have all the ladies.. -Lord Addicated
  9. very much thx u
  10. ciggaretes makes u skinny phagg0t idk how can u live with that tbh, STOP them guys! smoke them when u are on partys, dont let them control you and yea dont waste ur money on them buy smth else likeee protein shake >;3?
  11. I dont want to argue... drugs are always hard to stop... and i quit smoking from months btw as i said...
  12. @Maco - what u said is really stupid... @Hinty...... - I stopped smoking for about 3-4 months(not even 1 cigg) first month was a hell.... after first 2-3 days... i was always sleepy, depressed, etc.... after month and a half i was feeling like i never smoked a cigg in my life... and so on... i had problems with my breath and i could not train that good @ GYM because of it... so i had to stop, i had a diet etc for a month just to get my mind out of ciggaretes The times when i was nervous mad etc... i had to smoke a cigg so i can "FIX" this "problem"(which is false)... and u will feel angry bcuz u have no ciggs it will last for about a week or two not more, but actually when i stop them i was SOOOO CALM after a month... last time i bought a cigg pack was - 6 NOVEMBER ... Now i smoke only @ party nights etc, u know... Think of something to do for 1-2 months to get rid of thinking about ciggaretes... GL. -Addicated
  13. the match was fuckin' INSANE...
  15. HAPPY B-DAY BIG BOOBIE!!!!!! All the best!!!!!!! -Addicated