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  1. let it say smt like    Woc End And Beyond


    do some Lightning effect aswell


  2. Its an honor to see u again unfortunatly our lovely server is going away. Been here since 2008 had fun had sad moments but here we are to the end and beyond. Want to make a Request directed to u CHRIS On the Last Day of Woc Log and Stay with us for our last Adventure. Im Crying saying that but its True. Love to all the Woc players im gona miss u fuckin Tards
  3. O my god its the End of Woc i just cant accept this
  4. Is it possible to update Atlas Loot Remove Kezal put Ashwing, if possible the real drop rate of the items ,and ofc the new Arty boss loots
  5. thats good 1 http://imgur.com/a/U9DSG
  6. If u have some free time post your Pic here http://imgur.com/a/HObUk -Ontop Sw Entrance And Here's the pic wich some people say'd(AkA. George) u Cant GO ontop Towers in ORG:http://imgur.com/a/RDgDY Eat yourselfs pals peace. http://imgur.com/a/hWbxF
  7. Most Weird Post Here
  8. Is there stil some 1 who's hosting Events. If there's such (plajer) here's An idea. 1.Get Group from 25 man 2.Those 25 man Must have full T5 and items suitable for T5 (Trink - Rings Etc) Nothing Heading for T6 gear, 3.After Geting youre full T5 Gear+Crafted items Get on next level By Starting T6 Raid's 4.Final point is Collecting Full T6 and when i say Full mean Kalec - Brut-Felm 5.For Final Step Head to KJ with youre T6 gear and Slay him ofc NON CUSTOM wep's Etc Think That will Boost Some Forgoten Raids wich ARe really awesome (when script Are working and insanely Hard) but anyw. yea Why dont we do smt different About the (RewarD) Let it be unknow to the finish of the event- It may be From Ash Arty to White lvl 5 items. That will need Some good Cordination From our Game Team- also Active members from the raid U may collect as much group u want First group that Get The following Gear and slay KJ wins
  9. C
  10. Alright This is going out of hand. First of all John is awesome Admin/Gm.W/O him u guys would be farming We 24/7(since no 1 hosting events). As u guys can see Atm (A) population is Alive, And that's Tnx to Few guys who left H side. Let's be honest There are 5/10 Guys who let's say (Are the Chosen's 1 ) Leading raids wich are most likely to Finish them(clear the Dungeon)w/o Wiping And drama going on. About That ASHWING Event wich created so much hate/Drama/Rage, i Suggest doing it in Chosen Day of the Week let's say Sunday both (A)-(H) 3 spawn each.40 Man so no 1 is left outside and Qq about it. Next Suggestion, Can some 1 Tell me how Long did T8 gear been around ?I am Sure Players on Woc are Bored of Raiding/Farming (WE/BRD/SM). Cuz those instances are droping SO called (Artyfacts).its a Must Let's Be serious ,and our Developing Team Do smt about that ASAP. I am sure our staff alrd Thought about that but Do some New instance, with Fresh gear ,New Wep's Let the Players get smt new 2 do.2boxing Alts will Stop for Some Time , we will see 25 man raids again We will have to use Our brains for Mechanics Fights(bosses). And if u Alrd did that Release it. What are u wating for. And sorry for posting that here And Yea (Tim/Chris Are doing events Ik ) but rarely.
  11. Wish Ya all Good mate.
  12. That Humor
  13. I wanted to ask Any Rekt dps warrs out there. How can i kick ass as warr.(PvE) Gear , sockets , Rotation, Stats. CDs. Flask, Everything that can boost youre dps . Tnx for youre time.
  14. That Drama is Real Just spawn 5 AshWings And its over. So they can Relax
  15. Sound Fun Thing to do