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  1. Dany,check out Tirisgarde,We all are playing there.

  2. End of an Era

    Cbf explaining how shits goin on to a retarded iranian.
  3. End of an Era

    No one is getting free items,you fucking cunt.Dont talk bullshits if you dont know you fucking moron. Almost 100 players playing on ... fresh start was the best ideea.We dont give a fuck about what you say,squall so go and end your self please. And about gms,bfx have gm to Jono,who rescripted most of bosses,and hell yes he is one of the best gms from server.
  4. End of an Era

    No more likes for you on fb,Addi.Nothing about me ? You disappointed me bra
  5. It is down for some reasons,try later.

    1. Squall


      Donated 6 times before have it 6 characters eds playing on this server from 2008,i don't use wpe like you to gett items .Why to donate on fresh server again who don't have it even own site and maybe will be closed in 1 or 2 months

    2. _Kele_


      jes fely he no use wpe like u to get itens, go leve zerver cloze in 2 month ok bye

    3. Deucalion
  6. Bfx is hosting a fresh server,just log it.

  7. 😑😑🖕🖕

  8. End of an Era

    Take care guys.
  9. End of an Era

    So sad,it is too late now.
  10. Your sister is boy?

  11. End of an Era

    I hope they will give you the database so you can make woc great again,best of luck dude.
  12. End of an Era

    This is not the end.

  14. End of an Era

    I feel so weird guys,after so many years of playing here we will have to stop...I made alot of friendships here,and I enjoyed playing here. I will miss you ,friends.And ye,probably we are goin to keep in touch Take care guys. /Cry